Conveyor Roller

In manufacturing and logistics, materials have to be moved quickly, reliably, and safely from one area to another. You cannot depend on faulty, worn-out or generally substandard equipment to do this – when you pay for quality, you should expect it, whatever the scale of the task at hand…

You can rely on Asmech Systems for Roller Conveyors that will not let you down. With our insight, experience and quality commitment, you’ll find a Roller Conveyor that does whatever you need it to, at a price you can afford.

Do you really require a Roller Conveyor?

Are you involved in making, packing, storage and/or transport of material goods and components? If so it is very likely that, you’ll benefit from a Roller Conveyor.

Roller Conveyors are used worldwide to move a physical item further along its development process, or getting it to the right pick-up point for delivery. Retail packing; directing parcels to a van; shifting foodstuffs along the production line… Basically, they negate manual transport, serving as a cost-efficient aid for warehouses, factories and test centres.

A Roller Conveyor is characterised by cylindrical surface bars, which can take varying forms depending on the job they’re used for. Asmech Systems can build and implement the exact kind of Roller Conveyor you’re looking for, no matter how complex your production or packing process.

Once installed, your operational procedures will be faster and smoother, tailored to the items or components you’re moving from Point A to B. Plus, they are designed as a low-maintenance solution, saving you money on repairs, upkeep and even electricity.

What we can do for you

The experts at Asmech Systems are more than happy to suggest a material build that’s right for your organisation, and to plan forward for long-term viability. However you work; in whatever environment – we’ll aim to make a Roller Conveyor a central, seamless part of your facility.

There are two basic ‘types’ of Roller Conveyor roller that we recommend to our clients. They are:

–       Powered roller conveyors [LINK], feeding off electricity on a frame. They stand on the ground with heavy-duty, adjustable feet, or (if preferred) we can cast them for you.

–       Gravity conveyors [LINK]. They are, again with firm steel supports, and require no power supply, using the downward motion of the angle to carry your material. Once more, casting is an option for greater levelling stability.

Both subsets are available in Stainless Steel Grade 304 or Mild Steel Painted, assuming you have preferences for a heavy or lightweight design.

If you’re eager to learn more about investing in an Asmech Systems Roller Conveyor, call our expert team on 01623 424 442, or email with any questions you may have.