Cap Elevator Systems – Efficient and Simple

Cap Elevator systems are used to increase the efficiency of both automatic capping and container unscrambling. When used to assist automatic capping, the operator empties cases of caps into the elevator hopper. The machine is automatically activated when the supply of caps or containers need to be replenished. Designed to feed a variety of flat caps from 10mm to 110mm, its quiet and efficient operation improves the productivity of the packaging line and helps reduce labour costs.

Versatile for different industries

Cap Elevator systems are available in a variety of hopper sizes, belt styles, and elevator heights to meet a variety of capping needs and are used in all types of industry from Pharmaceutical to Automotive with tailored solutions.

Asmech Systems Ltd. Provide a number of ergonomic solutions for your Cap Feeding needs. Our Bulk Cap Feeding Elevator reduces manual cap reloading while simultaneously maintaining efficient cap levels in any Cap Sorter. The Bulk Cap Feeding Elevator is the ideal solution for feeding any type of cap sorting device. The Hopper is located low enough for easy bulk cap loading by the Operator.

Simplicity of the cap elevators

They feature stainless steel construction and a range of discharge heights, hopper sizes, and electrical configurations. A wide variety of caps and small parts can be effectively sorted.

These machines are simple to use. Filling the feeder bucket with the caps allows the conveyor to pull the product up and orientate caps prior to putting those products into the feed chute for the auto capper.

Designs can differ for conventional filling systems or aseptic filling systems, depending on your requirements.

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