Labeller Conveyors

An Irish based food manufacturing company invited Asmech to tender for a project to supply six Modular Conveyors which would be integrated into their existing production facility for Label application.

Asmech successfully secured the project and worked alongside Videojet UK to provide and efficient and cost-effective solution to the customer’s requirements.

The Solution

Each of the new Conveyor Systems would accept product from a variety of formats from a Tape Sealing machine and position products on a datum. This was achieved by using a series of intricate guides to ensure labels were applied in the dedicated location whilst the belt ran continuously.

Once the label application process had been completed, products were then driven out of the labelling area and transfer onto existing Gravity Conveyors where they could be picked and packaged for warehousing and distribution.

Each of the systems were designed, manufactured and tested inhouse before being shipped overseas to site where they were integrated and installed into the existing production facility. Additionally, we installed a standalone Control Panel on all six of the Conveyors to give operations basic functionality when running the systems which also gave the customer the ability to relocate the lines in the future, should it be required.

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Rolled Product Chute

Rolled Product Chute

Asmech Systems Ltd were challenged with improving the operation of an existing production line which supplied a central trough conveyor with product from two different conveyor lines. The current system featured an additional conveyor on each conveyor line to lowerate product and transfer it onto the centralised conveyor system. This current operation meant that there was twice as many spare parts, more running expense and increased maintenance in comparison. Therefore, Asmech were tasked with designing and manufacturing a new, robust system to further improve the innovation.

The solution

Asmech Systems Ltd removed the existing solution and install a Rolled Product Chute; which would accept product from either conveyor system and deposit it onto the main, central conveyor. Products were guided into a pneumatically operated end stop; which held the product until a sensor verified that it was safe to release. The sensors were set to time delays to ensure  no clashes between products from either line when being transferred.

All manufacturing processes were called out, along with a turnkey installation, project management., maintenance manuals and spares package.

To see the solution in action, please click on the link below!

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IHS Units

Asmech Systems Ltd have been extremely busy over the past few months supporting customers through the Coronavirus pandemic whilst still delivering our usual projects. Our most recent turnkey solution for induction heat sealing units was supplied to the dairy sector.

Induction Heat Sealing

Asmech were tasked with replacing two Induction Heat Sealing units from within an existing production line. The existing operation saw lengthy downtime when carrying out general maintenance and cleaning.  This in turn reducing the potential production throughput. The new solution implemented by Asmech was much more user friendly; allowing operators to carry out tasks in a fraction of the time. This ensured production was back up and running in the shortest time frame possible.

The process allows filled product to be sealed using a magnetic field to heat the foil to the bottle top. Caps which house the foil are autonomously placed onto the bottle upstream and conveyed through the sealing unit mounted over the conveyor where bottles pass through and the operation is carried out.

Bespoke Frames

In addition to this, Asmech manufactured a bespoke frame with automatic adjustment to give the system the facility to cater for a number of different bottles. The sealing unit is integrated into a global system, thus allowing the set up of the unit to be controlled from a centralised panel. Once the operator has selected the supplied bottle size, the framework will automatically adjust accordingly. If the system requires any minor adjustments; the height of the frame can be altered in small increments for fine adjustments on a small remote panel.

Click on the link below to see the system in operation!

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Manual Box Filling Station

Asmech Systems Ltd were previously challenged with improving the design of an existing box filling solution which had been implemented on site by operators and engineers. Whilst the existing unit increased production time, it was apparent that it was not as effective and safe as required. Asmech were tasked with designing and manufacturing a new, robust unit to further improve the innovation.

The solution

A box filling station allows operators to manually load a vertical tray with product; before offering up the empty box which subsequently slides over the tray. The operator can then safely turn the tray with ease, causing the products to be transferred into the box. The package product can then be lowered from the unit before the tray returns to its home position. With the use of a counterweight and dampener, the tray can safely rotate in a controlled manner.

To see the solution in action, please click on the link below!

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UVT Light Sabre

The UVT Light Sabre is a portable hand-held device designed for decontamination of surfaces and hard to reach areas. The user slowly passes the device over the contaminated area, allowing the energy from the high output UV-C Emitter to decontaminate all surfaces. A safety shield prevents direct exposure to UV-C energy. The UVT Light Sabre is ideal for use in the healthcare sector, commercial, industrial or institutional buildings providing a fast-acting, portable method of surface decontamination, destroying viruses, bacteria, moulds and preventing cross-contamination.

By comparing the UV light output of the lamp to published research regarding the Coronavirus, you can achieve a 99.9% reduction in Coronavirus in under 2 seconds (based on 30 cm distance, covering an A4 area). Use a slow-scanning motion to disinfect equipment and surfaces ensuring potential shadow areas are also exposed.

● Hospitals and Healthcare facilities
● Laboratories
● Food & beverage processing areas
● Residential and commercial mould remediation
● DNA laboratories to prevent cross-contamination
● Schools, libraries and homes Applications

The Benefits UVT Light Sabre applications include;

● Kills surface micro-organisms that contribute to ill health and the spread of infectious disease
● Leaves no residue and produces no contaminants
● Portable and easy to use – plug and play
● Inexpensive to operate – uses same energy as a 95W bulb
● Suitable for Healthcare, Corporate and Residential markets
● Industrial strength High Output UV-C lamp
● Proven technology

N.B. Appropriate PPE required when using this device

Technical Information
UV Source  1 x 95 W High Output UV-C Emitter
Emitter Life Span 6000 Hours
Wavelength 254 NM
Power 95 W
Power Requirements 220 – 240 V (50 – 60 Hz)
Constructional Material Stainless Steel Grade 316
Weight 2.55 KG
Dimensions See Dimensions
Rating IP 56
Crash Protection Teflon Sheathed Emitters (Shatter Proof)

technical information

***Technical Information provided by UVT Global and associated academic partners***

Through a continued partnership with UVT Global and PNE Controls Ltd, the innovation of the Light Sabre was created in response to the COVID-19 crisis and for those who do not have the facility to integrate tunnels, ovens and conveyors (all of which are designed and manufactured inhouse here at Asmech Systems Ltd) into their workplace.

To see our Light Sabre in action, click on the link below!

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UV Technology

OEM Projects

Asmech Systems Ltd continue to grow and extensive list of OEM and end user customers ranging from various sectors, such as industrial, pharmaceutical, healthcare and more. In addition to this, Asmech have always been keen to work with other OEMs and have built many relationships with other product suppliers in order to fulfil large capital projects, such as filling lines, vision inspection systems and weighing capabilities.

Recently, Asmech successfully delivered a project alongside various other suppliers in order to install new filling lines at Europe’s largest car care product manufacturer. The state-of-the-art system comprised of filling machines, conveyors, cap tighteners, labellers and metal check units. Another venture saw Asmech partner with a cap, labelling and filling company to supply a new process line for their southern based dairy.

These types of projects have achieved varying levels of involvement, from supply only, to project managing multiple suppliers and master drawing holders to a full turnkey installation. Asmech welcome all types of enquiries, industries and requirements.

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OEM Project 1

OEM Project 2

Conveyor Line Upgrades for blow moulding Sector

Asmech Systems Limited have continued to operate a “business as usual” policy throughout the current COVID-19 crisis; and have recently completed another fantastic project at a Blow Moulding facility.

The first phase of the project is currently installed and running on site; allowing production to deliver an increase in bottles downstream to the filling hall. The new system allows product to be imported and introduced into the line to boost production volume. In addition, this also gives the line flexibility to send bottles to the filler; in the event that the Blow Moulder is in fault or maintenance mode. Therefore, ensuring that there is still a supply of bottles and reducing points of failure along the line.

The second phase will also improve production and reduce downtime on the line. Asmech will replace an existing manual switch gate with an automatic, upgraded version. This will allow the source of product to switch between lines, depending on faults or downtime on the line upstream. This ensures the filler can be supplemented with bottles from either of the two existing production lines.

Both systems have been designed and manufactured inhouse using the standard Asmech Systems Limited Slat Conveyor constructions and professionally project managed, installed and commissioned at the customer’s site.

A comprehensive list of spares, service plans and maintenance manuals are all issued and discussed in-depth to ensure a full understanding before handing the project over to the customer.

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slat conveyor

Cap Feed Elevator System

Asmech undertook a project to supply a market leading dairy with a brand-new Cap Feed Elevator System. The new solution was required to replace an existing system that was proving to be unreliable. The new Conveyor which Asmech designed, manufactured and installed proved to be so successful that we recently accept another order for a second system.

The system comprised of a Stainless steel fabricated hopper, two Modular Belt Conveyors and an Electrical Control Panel.

Operators were able to access the hopper with ease as the assembly was designed to incorporate gas struts; therefore, the system could be supplemented without the need to heavy lifting. This solution allowed the product to remain contained with no access for dust or contamination.

The Conveyor was designed to be integrated into the base of the hopper to filter bulk product into the Capper. Once product has been deposited into the hopper, product would transfer into the pockets of the belt. Product is then elevated onto a mezzanine floor. Once product has reached its new working height, it would be dropped onto a new Asmech Cross Conveyor. This conveyor has the potential to deliver product to two destinations. This was achieved by designed an underslung drive arrangement which allowed the conveyor to run in both directions.

Cap Feed Elevator System

Cap Conveyor Project for Plastic Manufacturer

A local plastic manufacturing company who supplies 95% of the UK’s bottle caps continued to grow their relationship with Asmech as they invited Asmech to tender for a project to replace three of their existing box stations and conveyor lines.

Asmech successfully secured the project and managed to offer a more cost effective and efficient solution than what had been originally anticipated. The new system reduces the intervention required by an operator, thus allowing other tasks to be carried out throughout the factory whilst the conveyor is in operation. By carrying out this project, the new lines have reached a staggering 98% efficiency which has significantly improved performance.

The new systems required the Asmech conveyor to accept caps on a belt conveyor from a stamping and camera system before taking a count and delivering them to the correct box. The Asmech system has the capability to fill smaller bags or a large stackabox – depending on the order received on the system.

As space was a restricting factor, Asmech had the challenge of inclining product on one line, using a modular conveyor to achieve one of the packaging requirements. This type of design was bespoke and the first of its kind in the factory.

The sequence would fill a box until the batch number had been achieved where the existing HMI panel would interface with the new Asmech control panel where a signal would be given to a solenoid, this would then divert the caps to the next destination where the cycle would be repeated. The system has the facility to detect whether or not that boxes have been replenished to prevent caps from overfilling and therefore adding unnecessary wastage. If the line has not been emptied, the line would stop until the PEC’s mounted beneath the conveyor had detected that the bin had been removed, emptied and reinserted.

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bottle cap conveyor bottle cap conveyor

Plastic Bottle Handling System

Asmech were recently approached by a leading plastic manufacture to supply and install a belt conveyor at one of their shared sites for bottle handling. Our customer recently completed a larger project to expand their storage facility, with subsequent relocation and modifications to existing systems. This internal project had left a further issue on site and subsequently required additional conveyor system to overcome the matter

We were scoped to handle a plastic container which had been blown and transferred into storage. Product is then conveyed downstream to a buffer system; where it would be held until requested by the filling company. From this point, containers would be unscrambled, orientated and delivered to the filler.

The project was designed, manufactured, installed and project managed by Asmech and a full spares package was delivered as part of the project.

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Completed installation

Raft Ride System – Bognor Regis

As part of a brand-new £40million water park, Asmech Systems have successfully supplied the Raft Lift System to deliver used rafts from the outfeed of the water slide, back up to the top where they can be used again by the next rider.

The bespoke lift stood a staggering 11.7m high to allow rafts to be supplied to the infeed of the water slide, which in turn enabled 5 rafts to be conveyed through the lift at any one time.

Once riders have departed the water slide and subsequently disembark the raft, the water is circulated in such a way that it directs the raft toward the infeed of the lift where an inclined modular belt conveyor transports them into the base of the lift. Once detected in the lift, the raft is elevated through the lift system using a series of rollers mounted to a chain system. The rollers are driven vertically on each end of the raft until it reaches the top of the lift where the chain roller assembly is returned around the sprocket to create a horizontal platform where the raft can be pushed from the lift via a pneumatic pusher unit.

The system is designed to index each time a space becomes available downstream to prevent an excess of rafts accumulating at the top of the lift.

As part of the structure will be submerged in, and exposed to the chlorine water, it was manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel. This grade of steel has similar physical and mechanical properties as 304 stainless steel. The key difference is that 316 stainless steel incorporates about 2 to 3 percent molybdenum. The addition increases corrosion resistance, particularly against chlorides and other industrial solvents. 316 stainless steel is commonly used in many industrial applications involving processing chemicals, as well as high-saline environments such as coastal regions and outdoor areas where de-icing salts are common. Due to its non-reactive qualities, 316 stainless steel is also used in the manufacture of medical surgical instruments.

For ease of maintenance the lift also features an access platform and cat ladder on each of the lift modules for safety when working on the system.

Raft Ride System

Shrink Wrap Line Case Study

Asmech were successful in winning another project with a market leading dairy to improve the current packing process on site.

The justification of the project was based on a reduction of over 26,000 tet movements over the course of a year, transposing into an average of 12.5% utilisation improvement.

The requirements for conveying and handling was to transfer product from the current trolley packer infeed and divert them into a brand-new shrink wrap machine. After being packaged, product was orientated by 90 degrees before being elevated to high level by a spiral conveyor.

The Shrink Wrap Line System

Using a series of low back pressure and modular conveyor systems, wrapped packs are delivered throughout the filling hall and into the cold store where product is packed to order. To reduce stoppages to the shrink wrapper and all subsequent machines upstream, Asmech installed a series of drives and sensors on the line to allow product to be queued on the line in a build back scenario. This then meant that when a blockage downstream caused in the packing area has been cleared, the line would be primed with product. The philosophy of the line allowed product to be driven up to a motor, which would then turn off after a period of time when the sensor is covered. This would have a cascade effect on the line upstream by delivering product to the next available drive and turning off. Not only did this reduce line pressure on the system, thus alleviating brakes which would potentially damage product but also creates a utility saving by not running the motors when not required.

Once product has been delivered to the cold store, a second Spiral conveyor lowerates the packs to a workable height for operators.  Product would then be transferred from the spiral and onto a divert conveyor where a pneumatic paddle switch product between two individual packaging conveyors. Finally, operators would remove packs from the line and stack them into the required configurations in the tets.

Not only did this project prove beneficial to improve utilisation, but also reduces downtime on the line if an existing trolley packer was to go into fault. Asmech carried out the full design, manufacture and installation, along with full project management to ensure it was delivered to scope and plan, whilst liaising with the customer and other suppliers.

Shrink Wrap Line

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