Conveyor systems; Three that Asmech can provide

At Asmech Systems LTD we can provide a vast range of conveyor systems tailored and fitted to satisfy any specific factory requirements or needs.

We are going to begin a series of blogs that detail the conveyor systems that we can provide. Our blog consists of the Flexible conveyor, Spiral Conveyor and the Chain conveyor. With all our conveyor solutions, we design, manufacture, and complete the installation for all our clients, if required.

Flexible Conveyor systems

Flexible conveyors are invaluable in demanding environments. Renown for durability the Flexible Conveyors are perfect for loose loading and unloading applications. The flexible conveyor eliminates ‘dead space’ in factories created by pallets or roll cages.

This option offers a significant cost-effective handling solution to help all industries, large or small reap the benefits. At Asmech, our flexible conveyor systems are engineered to the highest standards, assuring our clients that their system can withstand the rigorous demands it may face for years to come.

The Flexible Conveyors that we provide are available powered, gravity or gravity skate-wheeled, all can be easily manoeuvred but offer their own individual nuance to operations.

Spiral Conveyor

Many factories now handle product or storage across separate floors within their facility resulting in the need for products to move up and down across various levels. At Asmech, we collaborate with our associate company AmbaFlex, allowing us to produce handling systems that include Spiral conveyor technology to accommodate any such requirements.

The AmbaFlex SpiralVeyor conveyor systems can be beneficial for a wide range of industries. It is fantastic for vertical transportation of products within a factory facility. With one of the smallest footprints available in such systems this spiral conveyor can be valuable for businesses looking to save on floor space. The Spiral system is fully reversible, feeding goods and materials in both directions removing the need for multiple direction-specific systems.

Chain Conveyor

Chain conveyors move heavy loads, wide loads and loads that are not suitable for roller conveyor systems. An example of Chain conveyor use is in the automotive industry. Where systems can move car bodies and larger parts.

Chain conveyors work through motor power and can send products down assembly lines or around factories and warehouses. Along with the weight and shape capabilities, this style of conveyor is often low maintenance. It is quick and easy to install. The Chain conveyor is a dependable solution for the movement of bulky items. Our clients love the consistency provided. Running consistently rather than having to constantly halt for repairs. Chain conveyors avoid a prolonged set up period when first introduced.