Engineering services: A closer look at fabrications

Asmech has a proud history of offering the highest standard services and machinery to its clientele, one of the standout features as a company remains our varied solutions, tailored to match the requirements of any and all enquiries that come our way. One core tenant of this being the fabrications we offer; let’s take a closer look at the options for your next job.

Falling under our Engineering Services bracket, fabrications actually include, but are not limited to: step-overs, platforms, gantries and frameworks. Each fabrication is manufactured to a bespoke request, incorporating various materials and welding techniques to achieve a range of surface finishes. This can often include stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminium. Asmech has a range of TIG and MIG welders on-site to cater for all requirements.

Here are a few more detailed examples of the fabrications we offer:


Whilst working above ground level, accidents pose a higher risk of damage to both goods and personnel; therefore, ensuring the correct fall prevention platform systems are installed is vital for the safety of all involved. Our platform systems are split into three sections, Load Safe (for loading, checking, and unloading of vehicles), Site Safe (for all site access at height requirements), and Work Safe (for working at height whatever the task). Knowing what you’re looking for when it comes to safety procedures is crucial; if you are unsure Asmech can help provide advice on the best solution for your needs.


We’ve all seen gantries, even if you didn’t realise their name, most commonly associated with overhead signs on motorways, a gantry is fundamentally a support bracket. Bridge-like structures used to support equipment such as a crane or railway signals. Their simple nature results in an adaptable fixture which can be useful for many tasks on site.


Like all products at Asmech, our Framework solutions are bespoke and cover a wide range, from benches and guards to railings and equipment shells. Safety is a top priority in every solution we manufacture and install, all Framework designs are composed in accordance with applicable standards, you can see a list of these standards on our Engineering Services page.

Why Asmech?

Asmech Systems have been providing conveyor solutions since 1995; with these years of experience, we are able to draft bespoke products, handling systems and after-sales services. We offer our first-class aftercare services to all our customers to assist you in every situation you need. We can provide detailed advice on spare parts and regular maintenance along with supplying components from leading manufacturers.

So if you are looking into Frameworks for a current or upcoming project, and want a dependable, bespoke designs solution to meet your needs, call Asmech on 01623 424 442 for an initial discussion on your requirements, email us at or fill out the online form on our website for a callback.