Freezer infeed / outfeed conveyor

Food companies use freezer infeed conveyors to hygienically freeze manufactured foods and will be upping production at this time of year, ready for the seasonal rush. Every single household will be stocking freezers. So with Christmas just around the corner, we thought we would look at the process of how a freezer infeed conveyor works.
From a technical standpoint, changes have happened over the last decade to move towards in-line freezing, leaving behind the dependence on slower cold room freezing, which is where we, Asmech Systems Ltd. come in. These systems enable much more focus on hygiene and ensures that the equipment is food safety compliant.

Vibration Infeed

The infeed into the freezer is generally a two-stage solution using a vibratory conveyor and a vibratory inspection conveyor. Bespoke designs can include scarfed discharge, which will separate your products.
Because of the vibrating action the conveyor forms a monolayer, which ensures a smooth surface to the frozen item.


Outfeed is again fed by a conveyor from the freezer. We have a wide range of options and can design and create conveyors to your specific requirements, which can be of various sizes and widths.

Watch our video here.