How conveyors improve factory productivity and safety

How conveyors improve factory productivity and safety

At Asmech Systems LTD we are experts in conveyors and handling systems, having created bespoke designs for numerous factories since our launch in 1995. We can provide it all; design, engineer, manufacture, install, and servicing are all covered under our remit. Our proud history leading UK supplier means we currently deal with some of the world’s largest corporations.

This week we are focusing on what we know best, conveyors. Specifically, how conveyors can improve factory productivity. Showcased below are five benefits to factory productivity conveyors can bring.

Maximise floor space

Conveyors help businesses maximise their factory floor space. In many facilities, utilising floor space productively can be an issue. However, conveyors allow the roof space to be used concurrently, boosting production and ultimately leading to greater business output. At Asmech, we can customise conveyor systems to your specific needs, whatever the factory size. By using overhead space and directing conveyors around certain obstacles, it can create larger floor space areas to be utilised for other tasks.

Interconnect processes

Whatever the industry, products need to go through many different processes throughout the factory to get to the finish line.  For example, a conveyor that we supplied for a Dairy company in Scotland allowed bottles to be directed to the bottle turner lines or to be directed to go through the shrink wrap machine. Conveyors allow products to go through these processes much quicker by interconnecting the different machinery.

Quick, accurate, and reliable

Throughout the factory processes, conveyors also ensure a high level of accuracy and reliability to businesses. An example of the increased accuracy conveyors can provide is the convenience some conveyors provide by being manufactured with scales built in. This can help with data collections and analysis. It can also improve the efficiency of sorting, weighing, and tracking products through the factory. In addition, conveyors transport goods quickly. Products can be processed at a steady and consistent rate instead of manual movement by workers which can be very stop-start.


Making sure factories are safe places to work for the workforce is of high importance. Conveyors can assist on making sure factories comply with regulations. For example, by using conveyors workers no longer have the task of manually moving parts or products themselves that could be heavy and cause injury.  Increased conveyor automation also means reduced heavy workloads for employees which will increase their happiness at work as well as productivity with other tasks.

Reduced labour costs and energy consumption

Conveyors allow companies to employ fewer workers and in return this reduces labour costs. In addition, factory workers can be better utilised. Workers can be put on tasks that they enjoy and are more worthwhile within the factory and its overall productivity.  Energy usage is also reduced by implementing conveyors into factories. Certain conveyor systems can be programmed that only specific sections run at certain times in a day when it is necessary.

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