Range and varieties of Conveyor

Asmech Systems Ltd.  Offer a full range of conveyors as well as bespoke design to suit every application.  We’ve put together a brief overview of each conveyor, which will give you an idea of which system will suits your needs.

Belt Conveyors

Belt Conveyors are extremely versatile and are used globally for large and small-scale product, and material transfer. Applications can range from sending raw plants or grains towards a treatment centre, moving computer hardware through a warehouse, or guiding hundreds of retail items to a packing team. More visible, commercial uses of Belt Conveyor systems include supermarket tills and luggage handling at airports.

So, whether you’re a manufacturing giant or a customer-facing business, there may be a use for Belt Conveyor in your operations.

Elevators & Lowerators

Elevators & Lowerators are used to raise or lower products when there is a need to change the conveyor feed heights, sometimes to overcome obstacles on the ground but mainly to elevate the conveyors to a secondary floor level. Each machine can be built to individual customer’s requirements and is commonly fitted within existing conveyor lines with ease due to its minimal footprint design.

Generally, our Elevators & Lowerators come with our automatic pneumatic chain tensioner, which protects the machine against chain snags and breakages from the natural expansion of the chains. Asmech Systems Ltd. Elevator & Lowerator conveyors are designed to be as simple as possible, whilst also ensuring the highest level of reliability with speeds capable of handling virtually all single-track conveyor lines.

Gravity conveyor

A gravity conveyor is able to move your load without using a motor power source. Gravity conveyors can be used to send products or work from one part of your premises to another. Examples of gravity conveyors can include roller conveyors and gravity chutes. They take their name from their use of gravity to move goods downwards rather than electricity or motors and are built on an incline to make the movement process a smooth and efficient one.

Flexible Conveyors

Flexible Conveyors have proven to be invaluable in some of the most demanding environments. Renowned for flexibility and durability the Flexible Conveyors are perfect for loose loading and unloading applications. Loose loading eliminates ‘dead space’ created by pallets or roll cages.

Engineered to the highest standards required to ensure the rigorous demands of dispatch areas, distribution centres and parcel handling hubs. They are a cost-effective handling solution for all industries, large or small. Flexible Conveyors are available as Powered, Gravity and Gravity Skate Wheel and can be quickly maneuvered, stretched, and positioned on braked swivel castors in seconds.

Designed with hygiene in mind the Asmech Systems Ltd. Modular Conveyor is typically made from Stainless Steel Grade 304 (mild steel powder coated available if required) and is available in standard lengths up to 2980mm long with longer lengths being achieved by using splice joints. Comes with heavy duty support legs with easily adjustable feet (or castors if required).

Modular Conveyor

Modular Conveyor can be supplied with all types of material and widths for conveying various types of product from food preparation to bottle and pack distribution. Flights can be fitted to the belt if required. Belts can be horizontal or inclined and accommodate bends and spirals for limitless configurations, with the drive shafts either at the head end or in a mid-position, under-slung beneath the conveyor body. Tensioning devices are provided to ensure correct setting. Asmech Systems Ltd. Modular belt design offers low downtime & quick belt replacement.

Heavy Duty Pallet Conveyor

Heavy Duty Pallet Conveyor is our most maintenance friendly solution to date. Customers benefit from easy access to components for maintenance and our new chain pallet conveyor was designed alongside our customers to provide a deeper understanding of their ongoing requirements. Interchangeable facility is available. Customers can swap, remove, or insert into their conveyor using a simple lift procedure and modular design.

Rotary table conveyor

Rotary table systems are usually situated at the beginning or end of a production line, the product is fed on by a conveyor, and the product is singulated or accumulated on the table, allowing the operators to pack the product or pick and place on to pallets or totes.  Manufactured from Stainless Steel Grade 304, complete with an SEW Eurodrive motor and isolator as standard.

A cost-effective way to ensure operators have more time to pack product and increase the efficiency of the whole production line.

Slat Conveyors

Slat Conveyors are available in Straight Running, Side Flexing, and Side Gripping (plus others for specialist applications) with high efficiency options also available.

They are used extensively throughout all industry sectors; for the conveying of products from one area to another and form the basis of many major conveying projects. Asmech Systems Ltd. has vast experience in the design, manufacture and installation of slat conveyors and as such can offer everything from a one off conveyor to a complete turn-key conveying solution. Asmech Systems Ltd.; has one of the best in the industry are happy to work with you to find the perfect solution!

Belts can be horizontal, inclined, and accommodate bends and spirals, with the drive shafts either at the head end or in a mid-position, under-slung beneath the conveyor body. Slat conveyor chain is available in many different shapes and sizes, as well as numerous different widths and materials all of which are best suited to different applications, they can be provided with various hoods to offer protection.

We also offer a full bespoke design of conveyors. More information can be found here.