Spiral Belt Conveyors

Spiral belt conveyors are an ideal solution for those wishing to create space in their operations. Spirals are able to convey a substantial amount of product within vertical space and are noted for their modest energy consumption, by using a small number of motors. When you opt for a spiral solution, you can simplify and therefore reduce costs for wiring, controls, and installation. They are also highly regarded for their speed and ease of use.

Many customers now have factories where production and storage is spread across multiple floor levels so this calls for products to be either raised or lowered vertically.

With hygiene in mind

The spiral belt conveyor is designed for hygienic conveying of packed or unpacked products with rigid construction and the strong hybrid belt allow high-capacity conveying.  Particularly useful for highly demanding food-processing industries. The flat belt surface is suitable for a variety of loads and the conveyor belt combines plastic panels with stainless-steel rods providing a very smooth and efficient conveying surface.

Space saving

With a compact and floor space-saving design, small footprint, and a curve radius of 1.5 x belt width they optimise your floor capacity to fit in with almost any plant design.

The vertical spiral belt conveyor consists of a moving belt which revolves around a central column which means it can be used to move a wide range of products between floor levels or over walkways. Useful for lots of applications with bags, totes, trays, cans, cartons, or other containers in industries such as food, beverage, personal care, and pet food.

Summary of benefits:

  • Small operating footprint: For space saving, it is difficult to imagine a solution that outperforms spiral conveying.
  • High throughput: Spirals convey the load in a continuous flow, creating high throughput.
  • Single drive: Typically, only one drive is required for spiral belt conveying. This means cost savings, noticeable energy savings, and easier controls integration.
  • Reversible: As standard
  • Twin Lanes: Available

If you have an application that requires moving product vertically, get in touch with our friendly, experienced team.