Conveyor Solutions – Two that Asmech Provide

At Asmech Systems we provide tailored conveyor systems that can adhere to any specific factory requirements or needs. Today we are looking at two of our most popular solutions, the Roller Conveyor and Slat Conveyor systems, to look at their benefits and to see why they are so in demand.

Roller Conveyor Systems

Asmech Systems design and manufacture a large range of powered roller conveyor systems that can meet all conveying requirements. This specific system is helpful with handling cases, totes or cartons making it a popular choice for warehousing and logistics.

We design and manufacture powered conveyor solutions to meet a host of needs. Within the roller system there are a number of applications that suit various different requirements:

  • Chain Driven
  • Line shaft
  • Motorised Drum Rollers
  • Heavy Duty Rollers
  • Gravity Rollers

Known for their power and ability to transport heavy items and palletised goods, the roller conveyor system has many benefits.

  • As each roller is connected to the next, the system mechanics remove the ability for a roller to slip.
  • The system is adaptable and customisable, as sections can be added or removed.
  • Very little maintenance is required. To replace a roller is simply a task of pushing the damaged one sideways, pulling it from its location and inserting a new one.
  • It’s an ideal system for moving objects of all sizes and weights.
  • Roller conveyors are a cost-effective system to install, and can be dismantled and moved relatively easily, making it a wise long-term investment.

Roller Conveyors offer significant benefits to many industries and Asmech Systems can tailor them specifically to you and your business. With their customisable design, roller conveyors increase productivity, while cutting down the costs of operation.

Slat Conveyor Systems

Asmech Systems is the leading UK manufacturer for Slat Conveyors, they are available in various forms; straight running, side flexing, and side gripping, along with high efficiency options. The conveyors are manufactured from Stainless Steel Grade 304 and available in many different shapes and sizes. A variety of different widths and materials can be offered to best suit different applications.

Slat conveyors are used by many industries due to their flexibility around loops and bends in particular they are common in continuous manufacturing processes. They are narrower than plate link conveyors and their two sprockets enable them to bend and flex into spirals.

We can also provide Vacuum Slat Conveyors, which are used in industry for securing products on the belt. A vacuum motor is attached to a chamber within the conveyor body and the slat running through the vacuum area is drilled. This ensures stability for products moving at high speeds.

Asmech Systems can help design and manufacture bespoke slat conveyors for your business, tailoring them around your specific needs, requirements and budget. The tailoring starts at the concept stage, right through to manufacturing and installation. Whether it’s a one-off conveyor module or a fully-automated handling system, Asmech is here to assist.

If you’re currently a business looking to improve your efficiency and productivity, a Roller or Slat Conveyor System could help.  Our team at Asmech can make sure you choose the right handling system for any situation. Please call on 01623 424 442 or fill out our Discuss a Project form to find out more.