What industries do we support at Asmech?

At Asmech Systems we provide conveyor solutions for a wide range of industries, some of our top industries include food and drink, dairy, pharmaceuticals, and plastic manufacturing. Today we’re taking a look at just a few examples of solutions we provide for different industries and how the help increase efficiency using our bespoke solutions.

The beverage industry

An example of a conveyor solution we designed for a client in the beverage industry was a rotary table and conveyor solution. This was designed, manufactured, and supplied by us at Asmech to fit the supplier’s bespoke needs. The system was comprised of a conveyor which accepted bottles on a rotary table, tailored with guides to ensure goods are transported onto the line single file. Once the product has been singulated, it is transferred onto a slat conveyor. This then delivers items to the rotary filler and capping machine. Product is passed between machines before then being transported back onto the slat conveyor when the filling and capping operation has been completed. Bottles will then be conveyed to the second rotary table where they will accumulate before being removed from the line.

The manufacturing industry

We also support the manufacturing industry, mainly manufacturers of plastic. Our work in this industry is vast but one example includes our solution for a local plastic manufacturing company, suppliers for 95% of the UK’s bottle caps. We have a growing relationship with this company and they reached out for us to work on a replacement for three existing box stations and conveyor lines. Once the new system was designed and installed, the intervention needed by an operator decreased, therefore allowing other task to be carried out in the factory whilst the conveyor is in operation. As a result of this project, the new lines have improved efficiency by a staggering 98% which has consequently improved performance.

The conveyor solution included a belt conveyor which counted and delivered goods to the correct box, thanks to its capability to fill large stackabox or smaller bags – depending on the order received on the system. The design of this solution was bespoke to the client as space was a restricting factor, Asmech managed to use modular and belt conveyors to help the packaging requirements of the product. The system was also fitted with a control panel that was integrated into the existing line to create a global system and could keep the cycle moving and detect whether boxes have been replenished or not.

The pharmaceutical sector

The pharmaceutical sector is another industry we deal with regularly, the chosen solution for a long-time pharmaceutical company involved a timing belt conveyor. The timing belt has become one of the Asmech’s most popular solutions. This conveyor allows the system to be centrally driven to achieve tight transfers, simplistic construction to reduce space components, and a clean, hygienic design. The belt which is used on this conveyor can be designed with moulded tabs and extrusions to locate product.

Asmech Systems provide bespoke conveyor solutions to a large range of industries, so no matter the sector you’re involved in, we can provide a system that’s tailored to you. We are a fully integrated company in that we design, engineer, manufacture, install, and service our entire product range. For more information on our conveyors solutions or any other enquiries please call us on 01623 424 442 for a no-obligation chat, or message sales@asmechsystems.co.uk with your thoughts or enquiries.