Control Panels

Conveyor Control Panels

At Asmech, we offer a full, turnkey solution which can also feature electrical panels with control and line philosophy. We have been designing, supplying and installing control panels for several years. We are able to provide you with facilities that meet your preferences and requirements perfectly. Asmech can help you whether you require anything from a basic stop-start facility to a vastly more complex arrangement. Talk to us today to find out more about our control panels and PLCs (programmable logic controllers).

Bespoke conveyors and control panels

The control panels and PLCs that we supply are able to not only control your conveyor but also offer a number of meters and indicators. This allows you to monitor machines remotely. We are frequently enlisted to provide simple panels that enable machines to be started and stopped. We offer multiple panels so machines can be controlled from multiple areas around them. Also available are functions that allow you to vary the speed of the conveyor. The emergency stop and safety controls available help you protect your staff and the products you are working with. Emergency stop buttons are designed to be clearly visible so they can be deployed immediately when danger strikes. Pull cords are another common feature. This feature that detect when a product is present to prevent it slipping off the end are also available.

Tailoring your solution

Our team use their vast experience to design and manufacture a bespoke electronic control panel that meets your requirements. We have manufactured control panels for companies from a wide range of industry sectors.

Bringing functions together

It’s vital that the importance of a highly-functional and dependable control panel is not underestimated. We are able to provide solutions that bring the hardware and software functions of your system together, collaborating with our automation and controls partner, PNE Controlsm to offer a comprehensive electrical design and installation system. Electrical schematics designs of incredible detail are available and enable us to incorporate the site standards of any existing panels you may already be using.

A vast client network

We supply conveyors and control panels to clients from industries including Automotive, Plastics, Dairy, Blow Moulding, Pharmaceutical, Food and Drink, Confectionery, Glass and more. Conveyors and control panels can be designed to meet a plethora of requirements, and we are able to provide everything from single conveyors to full turnkey systems with automated handling systems. We can also provide you with a wide range of conveyor accessories and components. Should you require a full turnkey service, we can assist you from start-to-end and beyond.

Complying with all regulations

All installations are carried out by esteemed, highly-trained electricians that adhere to all the very latest regulations. Furthermore, all installations carried out by our team come with all the relevant documents and certificates. We can also provide you with in-depth advice on deriving as much value from your control panel as possible and offer detailed information on keeping your team safe when your conveyor is in use. We offer low-maintenance conveyors and control panels and also provide a first-class aftercare service. There are various types of conveyors on offer, including belt, slat, gravity, pallet, spiral, chain, modular, pallet and bespoke conveyors. We aim to cause minimum disruption when installing your control panels and other products.

Why choose Asmech?

Asmech is one of the UK’s most prominent industrial and electrical control panel manufacturers, offering outstanding design and installation services. Our conveyor systems are used by a wide range of market-leading clients to sort and move goods, enabling them to reduce labour costs and heighten productivity. We offer a skilled maintenance service to help you prolong the lives and efficiency of your conveyors and the control panels that are used to operate them. We have been serving our clients since 1995 and are able to offer conveyors, control panels, palletisers, depalletisers, loop inverters, rotary tables, elevators and lowerators to meet your needs. You can always depend on us to create and deliver the most cost-efficient and affordable solution possible when you order conveyor control panels and conveyors from Asmech.

Getting in touch

Should you wish to contact us, you can do so today by calling 01623 424 442 or sending an e-mail to We can also be found on a number of leading social media platforms including LinkedIn and YouTube.