Food Handling Conveyor

What is a food conveyor?

Processing belts are used within many industries and at Asmech Systems Ltd we have developed an extensive range of conveyors that are used in industries such as catering, pharmaceutical, blow moulding, glass and plastic.

Within the catering industry, a food conveyor can be used in the processing lines of products such as dairy, confectionary, drinks, bakery, meat, snacks, fruit and vegetables.

Food conveyors are a vital component in a food processing line. They are used within the food production process for transport, treatment, processing and packaging. Having quality conveyors is important because they influence the products they transport in terms of safety and quality.

Food conveyors can be really useful as they speed up processes, reduce labour costs and reduce costs made by human error. Our conveyors are made from the highest quality materials, perfect for modern production lines.

We offer a range of types of conveyors from belt conveyors to rotary tables and from spiral conveyors to grain conveyors. Whether you want a one-off conveyor or a full system of automated conveyors, we can help you. We offer solutions for your specific needs and we are able to advise you on the food handling conveyors that will best suit you.

How clean and hygienic are food conveyors?

We understand the importance of cleanliness standards in the food processing industry and that is why our products are designed for efficient sanitation. The conveyors are suitable for most food types, even really sticky produce that would typically be difficult to clean.

Working in the food hygiene industry comes with many strict health and safety standards that we always adhere to. Our conveyors are resistant to abrasion, food ingredients and cleaning chemicals, which ensures optimum hygiene and lifespan.

There has been a push towards safer, more hygienic practices as this reduces risk of contamination and also increases profitability. Our products are quick and easy to clean whether that is the hourly wipe downs or high-pressure end of day washes. They are also highly accessible with no hard-to-reach spots to minimise growth and spread of bacteria. We have designed our conveyors so that cleaning time is as little as possible, which in turn reduces labour costs and uses less water and cleaning products.

Why choose Asmech to provide your food conveyor?

Asmech have 25 years of experience in providing the solution for your processing line and a focus on innovation and quality. All of our products are made to the highest quality and installed with the upmost care. We will guide you through the process from design through to commissioning and installing your complete system.

We will offer you the ultimate solution to your problems whilst guaranteeing excellent customer care. Our customer partnerships are especially important to us and this is why we have a reputation as a UK Market Leader within the conveyor handling industry. We already work closely with customers including Nestle, Princes, Muller and Arla. For more information on our products or services please contact us today on 01623 424 442.