Servicing & Maintenance

Conveyor Servicing and Maintenance

Conveyor systems are used in a wide variety of industries to help sort and move materials, which in turn reduces the amount of labour and increases productivity. With less human exertion required, injury risk is reduced and costs are cut on wage expenditure.

Maintenance of your conveyor is essential to avoid costly repairs down the line, ensuring you get the best out of your conveyor for as long as possible. A regular maintenance and repair schedule will prevent small problems from growing into large, expensive and disruptive ones.

Benefits of Conveyor Servicing

Regular conveyor servicing and maintenance, will ensure you get the most out of your investment. Small problems can be addressed before they become major and the life of your conveyor will be expanded. Sometimes your conveyor may need a few spares and taking corrective action early on will reduce the need for huge repairs and loss of revenue with work stoppage.

Tips for Maintaining Your Conveyor

Consider inspecting and making any minor maintenance every three months. If the conveyor is in operation for more than one shift in a day, you may want to increase this to every two months. Make sure you lubricate the drive chain, bearings and other parts of the drive unit before testing and operating.

– Regularly check oil levels and lubrication systems

– Regularly inspect bolts, guards and belt tensions

– Have a dedicated inspection/maintenance team who carry out these inspections at regular intervals

– Make sure each conveyor operator carries out a daily clean and inspection of their area and has a sheet to sign off to ensure nothing gets missed

– Have procedures in place for when skilled maintenance needs to take place with a contractor. Asmech Systems Limited has a reliable reputation for supplying top class conveyor systems and a skilled maintenance service.

Why Choose Asmech Systems Limited

Being in business since 1995, Asmech has many years’ experience creating bespoke conveyor products, handling systems and providing after sales servicing. Providing everything from; design, engineering, manufacturing, installation and service aftercare. Asmech has all the knowledge you need to take care of your conveyor systems.

Products range from; conveyors, palletisers and de-palletisers, elevators and lowerators, loop inverters, rotary tables and bespoke designs to suit your exact requirements. Whatever your needs, you can contact us on 01623 424 442 or email on where a friendly expert is ready to discuss your requirements.