A gravity conveyor is able to move your load without using a motor power source.

Gravity conveyors can be used to send products or work from one part of your premises to another. Examples of gravity conveyors can include roller conveyors and gravity chutes. They take their name from the way that they use gravity to move goods downwards rather than motors and are built on an incline to make the movement process a smooth and efficient one.

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Asmech Systems is a market-leading supplier of gravity and roller conveyors. All conveyors are built to the highest standards to deliver the efficiency that you require and to ensure they meet your requirements. We are also able to provide powered roller conveyors which can be used in the industry for transporting pallets or other heavy duty goods. Our gravity and roller conveyors are manufactured from mild steel and Stainless Steel Grade 304 and can be integrated into pre-existing systems if required. This system features robust leg frames with easily adjustable feet. As gravity conveyors are the ideal solution for packaging lines, we can also supply the conveyor with castors for ease of transportation throughout production lines.

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Our gravity roller conveyors are designed to help you reduce manual handling and make moving goods easier, whilst speeding up production flows. We offer bespoke conveyors which can be tailored towards your exact requirements and can be fitted with a number of rollers made from a variety of materials including stainless steel, mild steel and high-impact plastic too. Standard plastic and heavy-duty rollers are also available.

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No matter how big or small your project is, we can work closely alongside you to identify the best solution. We will closely examine your handling needs prior to presenting a full proposal. You can rely on us to design a solution that is not only highly-efficient but cost-effective. We offer a wide range of highly-durable and reliable products which can be designed and manufactured to meet your individual requirements. These systems can be designed to utilise available floor space without the need to relocate existing equipment. This can be achieved by adding curved roller units and mitre sections

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There are many great reasons for investing in a gravity conveyor. Gravity conveyors are commonly used in various industries which can range from food and beverage, to warehouse and pharmaceutical. One of the most important reasons for purchasing a gravity conveyor is that they are easy to install. Furthermore, Gravity Conveyors require only minimal maintenance once they are fully set up. You can even purchase a mobile conveyor to meet a range of operational needs. The fact that your conveyor does not rely on power also makes it an incredibly valuable investment. Gravity conveyors are renowned for their flexibility and versatility. They are also modular in design.

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