The Asmech Systems Automatic De-bagger is a simple design which offers a high-quality system with proven long-lasting reliability, using a series of electrical motors, belts and pneumatic cylinders to handle the product. It has a function that deposits the pallets into a small storage area to be re-used. It is suitable for any hygienic environment and is capable of various speeds.

It can take bags of product on pallets 8 layers high, taking one layer and removing the bag. The system will then single the batch of bottles onto a  standard slat conveyor ready to be filled.

The Automatic De-Bagger can also be manufactured to different hands, and different size pallet in feeds. Which all depends on customer specification and preferences. In addition, our system offers continuous flat belt pack accumulations, which means the machine does not need to be stopped when a new pack is introduced.

Bagger & De-Bagger


We also offer a semi-automatic version. Where bags are manually loaded, cut and removed, for high-speed , as well as a dual width high speed de-bagging machine.

Semi-Auto De-baggers are ideal for automatically placing bottles into filling lines. The De-Baggers are PLC controlled and servo operated. An operator unloads packs of bottles from storage onto the machine, strips the plastic bag from the pack of bottles and allows the machine to de-bag onto the conveyor in single file. These machines are fully adjustable to cater for both square and round HDPE or PET bottles.  The Semi-Automatic De-Bagger comes complete with a de-bagging table.


The Asmech Systems Ltd. Bagger is used to automatically bag; square, rectangular, and round containers usually from blow-moulders for storage or export. This machine has the ability to bag different containers from different blow-moulders simultaneously.

How the
Bagger operates

The containers are conveyed into the machine, isolated into rows and side pushed to form a rectangular array of containers. Varying array pattern characteristics such as the number of bottles in a row, the number or rows in an array and nested rows versus non-nested rows can be selected from the operator touch screen.

There are two accumulation chambers so that two different types of containers can be formed into arrays at the same time. Alternatively the machine can be dual in feed to allow product to be accepted from two systems. Once an array is complete, it is pushed into the centre bag-fill position. the array is then pushed into a wall of film that wraps around, the trailing side of the array is then sealed.

The containers are then conveyed into a side sealing area where both sides of the film are tightened and sealed, forming the bag around the containers with film technology. Once the layer is formed, it is conveyed to a pick-up location. From this position, a precision servo driven stacking system picks up the bundle. It rotates or indexes linearly, and gently places the bundle on a stack.

Once a full stack of bundles is accumulated in one of the stack locations, a beacon indicator alerts an operator to take away a full bundle stack. The operator then resets that stack location.

Based on a 4 Pint (2 Litre) Milk Bottle the machine will bag 100 bottles per minute, but we can also offer a high-speed option to bag 200 bottles per minute; this option requires a twin lane bottle infeed.

Why choose

Whatever your bagging and de-bagging requirements Asmech can help. We also offer outstanding installation and maintenance services as well as spares for when parts need replacing.

To find out more about the Bagger & De-Baggers we offer, call Asmech on 01623 424 442, send a message to or use the contact form on the website.

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