Bagger / De-Bagger


The Asmech Systems Semi-Automatic De-bagger is a simple design which offers a high-quality system of rigid construction; with proven long lasting reliability.

It can take bags of product on pallets 8 layers high, taking one layer, removing the bag and then singulating the batch of bottles onto an Asmech standard slat conveyor ready to be filled.

It uses a series of electrical motors, belts and pneumatic cylinders to handle the product and has a function that deposit the pallets into a small storage area to be re-used. It is suitable for any hygienic environment and is capable of various speeds. The Semi-Automatic De-Bagger comes complete with de-bagging table.

The Semi-Automatic De-Bagger can also be manufactured to different hands, and different size pallet infeeds all depending on customer specification and preferences. In addition, it offers continuous flat belt pack accumulations, because the machine does not need to be stopped when a new pack is introduced onto the accumulation belt.

We also offer a semi-automatic version, where bags are manually loaded, cut and removed, and for high speed applications we can offer a dual width high speed de-bagging machine.


The Asmech Systems Bagger accumulates bottles from a single lane conveyor infeed, pulls the bag over the bottles and seals the bag. Once sealed the bag is pushed out of the machine; based on a 4 Pint (2 Litre) Milk Bottle the machine will bag 100 bottles per minute.

We also offer a high-speed option to bag 200 bottles per minute; this option requires a twin lane bottle infeed.