Asmech Systems Ltd offer a highly effective solution to our customers for quality loop inverters for a range of industries including food, beverage and healthcare.

The primary reason customers choose us is due to our ability to integrate systems whilst utilising existing conveyor lines and machinery, usually preventing the need for customers to allocate additional funds to replace the infeed and outfeed conveyor systems.

Loop inverters are primarily used to change the orientation of products for specific periods of time, ejecting debris in them before they are filled.  Many clients from the dairy and beverage sectors have purchased loop inverters. These inverters are comparable to side grippers and elevators, using gripper chains to hold products.  We have even designed systems that are able to turn bottles upside down to enable the coating of the bottom side of caps so they can be sterilised as part of the hot filling process.

loop invertors

Rinse Facilities

Air rinse facilities are also regularly used with loop inverters. An inverter can take hold of a bottle before turning it upside down to spray air inside its base, removing debris before the bottle is returned to its original orientation so that it can be filled safely.

Loop Inverters are usually incorporated into existing conveyor lines, and take bottles through a 360-degree loop to assist with the removal of any debris or foreign objects. They are a necessity where there is a potential for flash to fall into bottles during production. These machines are generally manufactured to individual customer requirements.

Chain Tensioners

All our loop inverters are supplied with automatic chain tensioners, which protect the machine against potential chain snags and breakages, caused by the natural expansion or wear and tear of the chain and offer speeds capable of handling virtually all single-track conveyor lines. We also offer the option of a 30 Degree Inverter for specialised handling.

Solutions Available

A recent design of a bespoke system of a loop inverter, for a well-known manufacturer of crisps and snacks to design was incorporated with an air rinse facility to remove debris from their containers. The design concept meant that the machine accepts containers in a single file line and uses side gripping conveyors to move them through 360 degrees. Whilst the containers are upside down, blow nozzles send filtered air through them as a sterilisation process.

Why choose

Whatever your loop inverter requirements Asmech can help. We also offer outstanding installation and maintenance services as well as spares for when parts need replacing.

To find out more about the loop inverters we offer, call Asmech on 01623 424 442, send a message to or use the contact form on the website.

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