At Asmech we manufacture and provide many different tailored systems to UV Technology, the UK’s leading specialist provider of UV-C decontamination solutions. These catered systems help UV Technology provide their solutions and services to customers across the globe.

What is UV-C?

Before getting into how the UV-C decontamination systems work, we need to take a look at what UV-C really is. The ultraviolet light spectrum consists of UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. UV-A usually results in tanning of the skin and in some cases is beneficial in medicine to treat skin disorders. UV-B is very harmful. It has a high penetrating ability that results in sunburn. Lengthy exposure to UV-B can result in skin disease, skin ageing and possible cataracts. Finally, UV-C, its ability to penetrate is extremely low and does not get through the outer, dead layer of skin where it does little harm.

UV Technology uses the bactericidal side to UV-C light in the form of UV-C decontamination.

How UV-C Decontamination systems work

Ultraviolet light in the C spectrum is very energy-rich. It has a wavelength of 200-400 nanometers. It is very versatile and is great for disinfecting water, terminating harmful micro-organisms in other liquids, on surfaces, food products or in air. UV-C decontamination systems can destroy more than 99.99% of all pathogens instantly. There is no use of additional chemicals and no harmful side effects. UV-C systems are highly efficient and reliable in all environments.

Micro-organisms are microscopically small and have an extremely high metabolism. In hot and humid weather, mould and bacteria increase vastly. However, UV-C decontamination can eliminate this.

The decontamination process; Firstly, UV-C light at optimal wavelength penetrates the cell wall of the micro-organism. The high energy photons on the UV-C light are the absorbed by the cell protein’s DNA / RNA, damaging the protein structure and causing metabolic disruption. The cell DNA is then altered so organisms can no longer replicate resulting in cells that can no longer cause disease or spoilage.

How Asmech systems help UV Technology

As an example of the systems that we manufacture for UV technology, we had to include the UV Decontamination Tunnel. Most recently our UV-C decontamination tunnel was used by UV Technology on the sausages that they decontaminate for their clients and customers. The conveyor that we provided was utilised to transport sausages between a decline conveyor and a loading machine. This conveyor used four UV-C cassettes to decontaminate. The system was manufactured from stainless steel and in addition used an open mesh wire belt and an SEW geared motor unit.

Benefits of UV-C Decontamination

The use of UV-C decontamination has allowed a vast range of food manufactures from bakeries to fruit processors reap various benefits. These include:

  • Extended product shelf life
  • Reduced spoilage and wastage
  • Improved product quality & reduced cross contamination
  • Products retain weight, freshness and colour for longer
  • Enhanced HACCP compliance

For a more in depth look at UV-C decontamination take a look at the documents below:

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