The modular LOWRUNNER LR1 palletiser from Qimarox is a 5-axis palletiser with a capacity of up to 800 packages per hour. It is an entry-level model, suitable for an environment where rapid return on investment is desired or necessary. Optionally, the LOWRUNNER LR1 can also places the pallets and intermediate sheets by itself.

Low level infeed

With the Lowrunner LR1 there is no need for an operator platform as the complete layer formation station is placed at floor level. The unique Qimarox layer formation station can place every product on an exact location. This is done with a product pusher that places every product into a row of product. If a row is completed this row is placed onto the stacking plate. This is an unique feature as most low level palletizers handle products layer-by-layer. By putting the products row-by-row onto the pallet the floor space of the machine can be minimized.

By pulling out the stacking plate in two directions, to the front and back side of the pallet, a solid pallet load is guaranteed. Due to this solution the Lowrunner LR1 palletizer is very suitable for a large variety of products.

Pallet handling

As an add-on it’s possible to handle empty pallets without adding additional system components or need for more floor space. A stack of empty pallets is placed underneath the layer formation station and can be picked up by the stacking plate. This functionality normally is only known in robotic palletising solutions.


Intermediate sheets handling

The same system used to pick-and-place empty pallets can also be used for putting intermediate sheets between layers. Intermediate sheets can be used to increase load stability to a pallet. By using the Lowrunner LR1 modular palletiser from Qimarox with the ability to put down rows there is less need for intermediate sheets. This because the outside of the cartons are always perfectly outlined on top each other so the maximum strength of the carton is used.

The Lowrunner LR1 can handle a wide range of products:

  • boxes
  • boxes with lids
  • trays
  • trays with foil
  • buckets
  • crates
  • jerrycans
  • etc.

Modular palletizer from Qimarox

The Lowrunner is modular constructed. This means that several options are available for each module depending on the customer requirements and the products requiring palletisation.

In short, you will end up with the system that best suits your needs. However, this system can be completely adapted to changing circumstances in the future thanks to the interchangeability of its modules.