A chain conveyor is a conveyor system designed to move loads of a specific nature through a production line.

Chain conveyors are often used to transport heavy loads, wide loads and loads that are not suitable for rollers. Whether this is due to the nature of the product, of the orientation or of which the pallet is being conveyed. They are made from chains that are located within guides and are frequently used for carrying automotive items like car bodies and large parts. They also carry industrial products such as radiators, pallets, industrial containers and grid boxes. At Asmech, we have designed, manufactured and supplied naturally-robust chain conveyors for clients from a host of industries.

Chain Conveyor

What do
chain conveyors do?

The conveyors feature a continuous arrangement of chains with a number of single pendants. The arrangement is powered by a motor. They can be used to send products down assembly lines and around environments such as warehouses and factories. Chain conveyors generally require minimal maintenance and only take short time to install. This means you can spend more time using them and less time setting them up or repairing them. The conveyors can heighten productivity whilst reducing downtime, delivering an exceptional return-on-investment. More and more companies are contacting Asmech when they require heavy-duty chain conveyors of the highest standard.

chain conveyors

At Asmech, we can cater for you if you require a tailor-made chain conveyor system to meet specific requirements. When you opt for a bespoke solution, you can rest assured that the conveyor is designed with your needs in mind and has been built around your requirements. We can design, install, manufacture and service conveyors and can offer everything from single conveyors to comprehensive turnkey handling systems. We can also modify and upgrade your systems at a later date, so you can maintain your business productivity and meet any increases in business demand.

aftercare service

We also offer a valuable aftercare service to ensure your chain conveyor continues to serve you well long after the installation stage. When your conveyor is serviced on a regular basis, you can get more from your investment. Addressing minor problems before they turn into major ones can help extend the life of the product. We can assist you if you need spares for your conveyor so corrective action can be taken at the earliest opportunity and large-scale repair work is not required.

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