Elevators & Lowerators

The Asmech Systems Elevators & Lowerators are used to raise or lower products when there is a need to change the conveyor feed heights, sometimes to overcome obstacles on the ground but mainly to elevate the conveyors to a secondary floor level.

Each machine can be built to individual customer’s requirements and is generally fitted within existing conveyor lines with ease due to its minimal footprint design.

Generally; our Elevators & Lowerators come with our automatic pneumatic chain tensioner, which protects the machine against chain snags and breakages from the natural expansion of the chains.

Asmech Systems Elevator & Lowerators are designed to be as simple as possible, whilst also ensuring the highest level of reliability.

Manufactured to the highest standard; with a Stainless Steel Grade 304 (or Mild Steel) box section frame and sheeted with a stainless-steel base and clear polycarbonate panels and doors.

Specialist removeable wear parts for easy maintenance.

Speeds – Capable of handling virtually all single-track conveyor lines.

Elevator and Lowerator manufactured by Asmech Systems Limited.

Elevators & lowerators are designed to move your products to various different levels without damage occurring or quality or safety being compromised. They allow you to make the most of the space available to you. Whilst elevators are used to raise your products to a certain level, lowerators are tasked with bringing them back down again.

Why use Elevators & Lowerators?

Products need to be raised and lowered on production lines for many reasons. Some products need to be raised to certain heights so processing equipment can work efficiently. You can also derive more value from your space by splitting production lines across several levels with these versatile solutions. Elevators and lowerators can make your workplace more efficient. They offer an exceptional return-on-investment, reduce the amount of heat generated in your working environment and greatly reduce risks to health.

Bespoke solutions available

At Asmech, we can assist you if you require a bespoke elevator or lowerator designed with your specific needs in mind. There are many custom configurations to choose from. We have a host of options available to you regarding production line speed, product sizes and the distance between levels. With elevators and lowerators, you can move parts between floors, and the items can be attached to conveyors to deliver much greater efficiency. Some of the main industries that benefit from using elevators and lowerators include the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics production sectors to give just a few examples.

Why choose Asmech?

We can come to your assistance if you require a side gripper elevator, flight belted elevator or any other kind of conveyor elevator or lowerator. We also offer outstanding installation and maintenance services as well as spares for when parts need replacing. Elevators and lowerators offer a low-maintenance cost-effective solution for any company wishing to heighten productivity and make the most of the space available to them.

To find out more about the elevators and lowerators we offer, call Asmech on 01623 424 442, send a message to sales@asmechsystems.co.uk or use the contact form on the website.