Asmech Systems Ltd design and manufacture a wide variety of powered roller conveyor systems to suit all conveying requirements. When handling cases, totes or cartons, utilising a powered roller conveyor will bring huge benefits.

A sample of our products include:

  • Chain Driven Conveyors
  • Line shaft Driven Rollers
  • Motorised Drum Rollers
  • Heavy Duty Rollers

At Asmech, we design and manufacture powered roller conveyor systems to meet a host of needs. We offer solutions that are ideal for the handling of cases, totes and cartons. The products that we offer include heavy duty rollers, motorised drum rollers, line shaft driven rollers and chain driven conveyors.

Roller Conveyor

A non-slip

Chain-driven powered roller conveyors are noted for their power and perfect for the transportation of  heavy items. Palletised goods are often moved with such systems. Slipping is not an issue, which is another reason why roller conveyors are a great match for high-weight loads. Chains and sprockets fix the rollers together, the driver rollers and motor connect.

Systems Available

Asmech specialists can design bespoke power roller conveyors to suit your precise requirements. Power roller conveyors offer significant benefits to companies operating in various industries, including the food sector. They can help you cut operational costs and heighten productivity, and it’s possible to select different designs to suit specific needs. Despite the high efficiency of power roller conveyors, the level of noise emitted by them is generally low.

to your needs

We always pay close attention to what our customers have to say in order to create the ideal solution for their needs. Our power roller conveyors are reliable, flexible and efficient. Roller conveyor systems can be integrated with various switches, transfers and stops to offer the ideal solution to your logistical requirements. Powered roller conveyors can be used to move items around your warehouse quickly, including items of various sizes and weights including lighter and heavier pallets.

How do line shaft roller
conveyor systems work?

Line shaft roller conveyors move by a shaft that sits beneath the rollers and are the perfect match for light items like tote boxes and cardboard boxes. With evenly-distributed loads in mind, including food packages and parcels, roller conveyors can handle anything. To get the most out of your line shaft roller conveyor, keep your working environment dry, clean and free of oil.

your conveyor

To keep your conveyor working as it should, it’s wise to spend a few moments each day carrying out checks. You need to look for symptoms of liquid and dust, removing dirt and debris when the system is offline. Listen out for any unusual noises whilst it is running and avoid overloading your conveyor. Ensure your employees remain fully-trained to operate your conveyor safely and securely.  Refresher training is available for staff if they’re using the equipment incorrectly.

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We can come to your assistance if you require a side gripper elevator, flight belted elevator or any other kind of conveyor elevator or lowerator. We also offer outstanding installation and maintenance services as well as spares for when parts need replacing. Elevators and lowerators offer a low-maintenance cost-effective solution for any company wishing to heighten productivity and make the most of the space available to them.

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