As the name might suggest, Asmech Systems Ltd Tray packers are for packing product, usually in cardboard trays. Both half and full trays offer a wide range of different products to be packed efficiently, while nesting of round or oval bottles can be achieved down both the 1200 and 1000mm edges.  Speeds vary and are dependent upon product size and stability. These machines are compact, therefore saving space within the production environment.

The Asmech Tray Packers are often used in the sector where packaging is manufactured for other product types with its main purpose of collating products to be shipped to other factories. This format allows transporting, unpacking and filling of products much easier for the secondary manufacture by saving time and money.

The system has a variety of settings which allow operators to set row lengths to suit the selected trays, where they are they picked from the conveyor line and placed into the cardboard trays.

Trays are introduced and indexed through the system once each row has been successfully placed, therefore no intervention is required by an operator until each tray has been filled with the correct number of products.

tray packers


Another favoured addition to this solution is the integration of an outfeed conveyor, whether that be gravity or modular to allow filled trays to be driven out the system. Build back sensors can then be incorporated into the line logic to allow a certain number of complete trays to be removed from the Tray Packer to reduce downtime.

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