Asmech’s reputation has grown tremendously as a supplier of palletiser solutions ideal for handling products such as glass and plastic bottles, cans and jars.

Our customers value our innovative approach to improve efficiency of the day to day running of filling lines which we are able to contribute to with our systems.

For improving packing speed and efficiency in the workplace, this essential piece of equipment will help reduce labour hours, thus increasing your profitability.

By investing in a first-rate palletiser or de-palletiser from Asmech Systems Ltd. you will reduce the amount of manual handling of your product. This will in turn prevent breakages caused by human error, resulting in increased productivity and a rise in capacity output.

Palletiser & De-Palletiser


Palletisers are ideal for processing bottles or containers into cardboard trays, to then be stacked onto standard sized pallets. They are the perfect piece of equipment for the food and drink industry, pharmaceutical as well as a range of other varying industries dealing with bottles and containers.

Our design ensures simplicity in changing settings to accommodate different shapes and sizes for all types of containers. This makes for an incredibly cost-effective and versatile piece of equipment to have at your disposal.


As the name implies a de-palletiser does the opposite to a palletiser and in some instances, may be the solution to improve your workflow. Especially if you are having to undertake time-consuming unpacking of pallets of products by hand. The de-palletiser does much of the work for you, allowing you to increase your productivity. And just like the palletiser, it is easy to adjust and works at a speed based on the product size and stability.

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