One of our most popular products are tote stackers and destackers which are used vastly thought the warehousing industry.

This solution allows businesses to save space and efficiently reuse totes and transport them to different areas of the factory or between sites. With the integration of these machines, operators can spend time working on other tasks whilst the totes are autonomously destacked from storage or HGV and can deliver them to the required packing area. Alternatively, the system can collect full totes from stations, stack, band and label them ready to be loaded into transport vehicles.

Our Automatic Tote Stackers / De-Stackers are compact and able to feed in stacks of totes bins. It can separate and release single totes bins when requested and has an infinite number of applications which can be applied in a range of industries from supermarket warehousing to the building material manufacturing industry.

  • Fully automatic equipment
  • Stacks or unstacks blocks of tote bins into a single line.
  • Able to operate at a rate of one single tote every 5 seconds.

The solution can easily be integrated into existing lines. These machines are fully automatic and low-maintenance solution. These systems are built to the highest standard and can be found in warehouses and factories across the UK.

Tote Stackers & De Stackers

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