Slat Conveyors are used extensively throughout all industry sectors; for the conveying of products from one area to another and form the basis of many major conveying projects.

Asmech offer a range of solutions including Straight Running, Side Flexing & Side Gripping (plus others for specialist applications) with high efficiency options also available.

Manufactured from Stainless Steel Grade 304 (or mild steel powder coated available if required) and available in standard lengths. With heavy duty support legs, complete with easily adjustable feet (or castors if required), making this a versatile machine a must have to aid productivity.

A fully modular slat solution; the slat conveyor has the option of being supplied with varying types of side guides to suit different products, these include fixed width, manually adjustable and pneumatically adjustable.  SEW Eurodrive geared motor units as standard, although all motor suppliers can be accommodated upon customer specification.

Belts can be horizontal, inclined and accommodate bends and spirals, with the drive shafts either at the head end, mid-position or under-slung beneath the conveyor body.

Slat conveyor chain is available in many different shapes and sizes, as well as numerous widths and materials all of which are best suited to different applications, they can be provided with various hoods to offer protection.  The bends are standard at either 500mm or 610mm centre line radius, or alternatively, if space is an issue, there is the special 200mm tight radius bend.

Slat Conveyor

Slat Conveyors

Vacuum Slat Conveyors, where a vacuum motor is piped to a chamber within the conveyor body are available. The slat running through the vacuum area of the conveyor is drilled, allowing the product which is being conveyed to be stabilised during the process. These are often used for containers with flat bases such as Polybottles in the dairy and blowmoulding industry sectors, this is a very niche operation and ensures bottle stability at high speeds.

Vacuum Slat Conveyors are frequently used where products need to be secured on the belt, for example, after processes such as blow moulding. With various designs of belts available, together with multiple drives and different options for hole patterns, blowers and ducting. We can cater for a variety of different applications, helping you find the perfect vacuum conveyor for the job.

What other industries
do slat conveyors support?

A variety of industries use slat conveyors, with many companies using them because of their flexibility around loops and bends. They are commonly used for a continuous manufacturing process, bottling plants commonly opt for slat conveyors, and they are also used heavily by the automotive industry so parts can be moved around for painting purposes. Also many companies and organisations operating in the coating and painting industry use the conveyors so paint can be applied with ease.

What makes slat conveyors
different to other conveyors?

Slat conveyors differ from other conveyors in many ways. For instance, they are narrower than plate link conveyors. Two sprockets in the centre enable them to flex, which means bends can easily be created and turned into spirals. All slats are joined together, with the belt being driven instead of individual rollers. These are particularly suited to environments with significantly high and low temperatures.

Why should you procure
your slat conveyor from Asmech Systems Ltd?

There are many great reasons for procuring your slat conveyor from us. We have vast experience when it comes to designing and producing material handling solutions and are able to cater to a wealth of needs. We provide solutions for companies from a wide range of industries. We can design and manufacture single conveyors and offer comprehensive turnkey materials handling systems, as well as off full technical support to make sure you can derive as much value and efficiency as possible from your system.

Can a slat conveyor be
bespoke made for your business?

Enquiries for bespoke solutions created around your specific needs, requirements and budget are welcomed. We can provide tailor-made systems from the concept stage right through to commissioning and installation. Full project management and after sales services are available, and we can also provide a wide range of spares, accessories and components. Whether it be a one-off conveyor module or a fully-automated handling system complete with controls. We are here to help.

Is any maintenance
required with the slat conveyor?

These conveyors require only a modest level of maintenance to continue serving well for years after the initial purchase. Of course, we are always on hand to assist if any advice on caring for the conveyor is needed.

Are there any safety
procedures to learn when using a slat conveyor?

Like, all use of machinery, there is a risk.  You should always follow the safety guidelines of operating machinery, but to stay safe ensure that views are not obscured when using the controls.  Do not stand too close to the conveyor, to eliminate being hit by objects moving along the system.  Most importantly, ensure cut-off switches are placed near the operator. We will always provide you with comprehensive advice on using your new conveyor safely. Contact us today to find out more.

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