Laser Cutting & Machining

Asmech Systems Limited delivers Laser Cutting & Machining services to customers in a range of industries from leisure to FMCG. These products can either be supplied as part of our wide range of conveying and handling systems or supplied separately as individual orders.

Why Asmech?

At Asmech, we have been creating bespoke conveyor and handling systems since 1995. We are able to design, manufacture, install and service all the products and solutions in our range. We have been able to work with some of the world’s best-known corporations amongst our client network. Recently we have seen a vast increase in requirements for the manufacture of bespoke parts, such as laser cutting & machining.

Laser Cutting

With access to 10 kW Bystronic Bystar Fiber lasers up to 4M x 2M bed size, the business is actually at the ‘forefront’ of innovation.
Whatever the material and anyway entangled the cut; the ByStar Fiber gives the most noteworthy parts yield accessible and at an amazing premium cutting quality. This amazing bit of pack can make light chip away at a wide scope of materials, the Bystar Fiber effectively slices through thicknesses of 25 mm mild steel; 30 mm stainless steel; 30 mm aluminium; 15 mm copper and 12 mm brass.
Where conceivable we attempt to lessen our clients’ assembling and shop floor taking care of time. Worth included laser administrations include:

  • Laser part carving and weld positions for gatherings – in the event that you are utilizing chalk to stamp laser parts, you would now be able to do this procedure on the laser, it is less expensive and progressively exact.
  • Laser cut openings 60% of the plate thickness as standard (less on demand). This opens structure openings and takes out costly auxiliary machine activities.



  • Up to 35mm bar limit
  • Long parts up to 600mm (32mm max dia)
  • 40 apparatus positions for adaptable tooling choices
  • 130bar high-pressure coolant
  • Up to 18 live devices for processing, including completely programmable B-pivot for calculated processing/boring
  • 3.6m barfeed
  • Checked lights out machining decreases costs


  • Up to 22.2mm bar limit
  • 41 instrument positions for adaptability
  • Fast 10,000rpm primary and sub shaft
  • 6 device limit on B hub to principle and sub shaft
  • 30bar high-pressure coolant
  • 3.6m bar-feeder


  • Fast accuracy shaft measurement
  • 300MM length x 40MM Diameter
  • Coordinated programming with full revealing and recognisability
  • Measures and records every single outside element in seconds to micron precision

Providing the perfect solution

Our exceptional knowledge and experience in equipment for handling materials allow us to provide the perfect solution for all your needs. We are passionate about bringing the ideal solutions to life and also offer an outstanding aftercare service to protect your investment. To speak to us today, send a message to or call 01623 424 442. Alternatively, get in touch through the contact form on the site. You can also follow us on LinkedIn and YouTube. Why not find out more today?