bottle cap conveyor

A local plastic manufacturing company who supplies 95% of the UK’s bottle caps continued to grow their relationship with Asmech as they invited Asmech to tender for a project to replace three of their existing box stations and conveyor lines.

Asmech successfully secured the project and managed to offer a more cost effective and efficient solution than what had been originally anticipated. The new system reduces the intervention required by an operator, thus allowing other tasks to be carried out throughout the factory whilst the conveyor is in operation. By carrying out this project, the new lines have reached a staggering 98% efficiency which has significantly improved performance.

The new systems required the Asmech conveyor to accept caps on a belt conveyor from a stamping and camera system before taking a count and delivering them to the correct box. The Asmech system has the capability to fill smaller bags or a large stackabox – depending on the order received on the system.

As space was a restricting factor, Asmech had the challenge of inclining product on one line, using a modular conveyor to achieve one of the packaging requirements. This type of design was bespoke and the first of its kind in the factory.

The sequence would fill a box until the batch number had been achieved where the existing HMI panel would interface with the new Asmech control panel where a signal would be given to a solenoid, this would then divert the caps to the next destination where the cycle would be repeated. The system has the facility to detect whether or not that boxes have been replenished to prevent caps from overfilling and therefore adding unnecessary wastage. If the line has not been emptied, the line would stop until the PEC’s mounted beneath the conveyor had detected that the bin had been removed, emptied and reinserted.

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bottle cap conveyor bottle cap conveyor