blow moulding

Asmech Systems Limited have continued to operate a “business as usual” policy throughout the current COVID-19 crisis; and have recently completed another fantastic project at a Blow Moulding facility.

The first phase of the project is currently installed and running on site; allowing production to deliver an increase in bottles downstream to the filling hall. The new system allows product to be imported and introduced into the line to boost production volume. In addition, this also gives the line flexibility to send bottles to the filler; in the event that the Blow Moulder is in fault or maintenance mode. Therefore, ensuring that there is still a supply of bottles and reducing points of failure along the line.

The second phase will also improve production and reduce downtime on the line. Asmech will replace an existing manual switch gate with an automatic, upgraded version. This will allow the source of product to switch between lines, depending on faults or downtime on the line upstream. This ensures the filler can be supplemented with bottles from either of the two existing production lines.

Both systems have been designed and manufactured inhouse using the standard Asmech Systems Limited Slat Conveyor constructions and professionally project managed, installed and commissioned at the customer’s site.

A comprehensive list of spares, service plans and maintenance manuals are all issued and discussed in-depth to ensure a full understanding before handing the project over to the customer.

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