Asmech Systems Ltd have been extremely busy over the past few months supporting customers through the Coronavirus pandemic whilst still delivering our usual projects. Our most recent turnkey solution for induction heat sealing units was supplied to the dairy sector.

Induction Heat Sealing

Asmech were tasked with replacing two Induction Heat Sealing units from within an existing production line. The existing operation saw lengthy downtime when carrying out general maintenance and cleaning.  This in turn reducing the potential production throughput. The new solution implemented by Asmech was much more user friendly; allowing operators to carry out tasks in a fraction of the time. This ensured production was back up and running in the shortest time frame possible.

The process allows filled product to be sealed using a magnetic field to heat the foil to the bottle top. Caps which house the foil are autonomously placed onto the bottle upstream and conveyed through the sealing unit mounted over the conveyor where bottles pass through and the operation is carried out.

Bespoke Frames

In addition to this, Asmech manufactured a bespoke frame with automatic adjustment to give the system the facility to cater for a number of different bottles. The sealing unit is integrated into a global system, thus allowing the set up of the unit to be controlled from a centralised panel. Once the operator has selected the supplied bottle size, the framework will automatically adjust accordingly. If the system requires any minor adjustments; the height of the frame can be altered in small increments for fine adjustments on a small remote panel.

Click on the link below to see the system in operation!

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