An Irish based food manufacturing company invited Asmech to tender for a project to supply six Modular Conveyors which would be integrated into their existing production facility for Label application.

Asmech successfully secured the project and worked alongside Videojet UK to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution to the customer’s requirements.

The Solution

Each of the new Conveyor Systems would accept product from a variety of formats from a Tape Sealing machine and position products on a datum. This was achieved by using a series of intricate guides to ensure labels were applied in the dedicated location whilst the belt ran continuously.

Once the label application process had been completed, products were then driven out of the labelling area and transfer onto existing Gravity Conveyors where they could be picked and packaged for warehousing and distribution.

Each of the systems were designed, manufactured and tested inhouse before being shipped overseas to site where they were integrated and installed into the existing production facility. Additionally, we installed a standalone Control Panel on all six of the Conveyors to give operations basic functionality when running the systems which also gave the customer the ability to relocate the lines in the future, should it be required.

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