Rolled Product Chute

Asmech Systems Ltd were challenged with improving the operation of an existing production line which supplied a central trough conveyor with product from two different conveyor lines. The current system featured an additional conveyor on each conveyor line to lowerate product and transfer it onto the centralised conveyor system. This current operation meant that there was twice as many spare parts, more running expense and increased maintenance in comparison. Therefore, Asmech were tasked with designing and manufacturing a new, robust system to further improve the innovation.

The solution

Asmech Systems Ltd removed the existing solution and install a Rolled Product Chute; which would accept product from either conveyor system and deposit it onto the main, central conveyor. Products were guided into a pneumatically operated end stop; which held the product until a sensor verified that it was safe to release. The sensors were set to time delays to ensure  no clashes between products from either line when being transferred.

All manufacturing processes were called out, along with a turnkey installation, project management., maintenance manuals and spares package.

To see the solution in action, please click on the link below!

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