Conveyor Maintenance and Servicing

At Asmech we pride ourselves on designing, manufacturing, and installing efficient conveyor systems; not only do we provide, we maintain and service too. Our relationship with customers doesn’t end at the sale; regular conveyor maintenance is essential to ensuring our systems are in top shape and can last. In this blog we look at the importance of keeping your conveyor systems running.

Importance of Conveyor Maintenance

Conveyor maintenance is essential for businesses who use handling systems. Conveyor repairs can costly but consistent conveyor maintenance and servicing can prevent unnecessary expenditure.  At Asmech, we offer regular maintenance and service schedules as part of our sales package. Our engineers can quickly diagnose small problems, preventing them from becoming worse, more expensive, and damaging your business.

Tips for maintaining your conveyor

Conveyor maintenance should take place at the latest every three months. However, if the conveyor is being put to task more than once a day, two months would be best. It is a must to lubricate the brackets, chain drive and any other parts of the drive unit. This is essential and should be done carried out as part of your regular maintenance prior to testing and operating equipment.

Other conveyor maintenance tips include:

  • Checking oil levels and lubrication systems
  • Inspect bolts, belt tensions, and guards
  • Implement a team to carry out the maintenance actions
  • The dedicated team should carry out daily cleaning and inspection of the systems
  • Have a contractor ready for unique maintenance and issues

Our team is full of knowledge and experience when it comes to everything conveyors. We have a vast range of products, whatever you require we can help.

Contact us today through our enquiry page or via telephone on 01623 424442. Our team are always on hand to make sure you get the handling system that you require.