Design from Asmech Systems Ltd to be admired

At Asmech Systems Ltd., we have an experienced design team that work with our clients to ensure a customised solution with bespoke design. We can offer drawing and design services in both 2D and 3D, whether simple or complex requirements, our team consistently produce bespoke design conveyors.

Bespoke Design: Using Oculus Rift

The needs of our clients often start with the design requirements, where our design team can produce 2D drawings that accurately portray production line layouts, detailed machines and electrical schematics. Alongside the 2D drawn plans, our designers can also create comprehensive, interactive 3D mock-ups for the customer to explore using VR technology and really ‘show’ what the finished solution will look like. This is done by using Oculus Rift; this device uses custom tracking technology, providing ultra-low latency 360-degree head tracks, allowing customers to look around a virtual world, and showcasing to them the potential system they will be getting.

Bringing your projects to life for our clients

The beauty of the Oculus Rift is that it can create a stereoscopic 3D view. This view has brilliant depth, scale and parallax. This 3D image however, is a lot different to the ones seen on television or at the cinema. Oculus Rift presents unique and parallel images for each eye, customers wear a headset. By doing so, customers will perceive images much like how they would in the real world, get to see how the machinery will look and work in their own premises specifically. The whole experience feels much more natural and comfortable as much as enables a more efficient flow of your project by bringing the equipment to life.

If you are interested in discussing your conveyor handling system and would like to see the benefits and the product working before it has been manufactured. Need more information?