Pallet Conveyors: benefiting the building industry

At Asmech we provide systems to a range of industries. Though construction is a rare one for us, our pallet conveyors have proven to be both versatile and reliable systems, designed to meet the specialist requirements each industry sector demands.

If a pallet conveyor is designed and implemented to its peak optimisation levels then a continuous flow of materials can be handled with ease, providing many advantages. Let’s look at how it can be a beneficial resource for the building industry to utilise.

Pallet Conveyors

The pallet conveyor is a system that transports goods using a motorised chain or roller bed, moving them in a controlled method. Using this equipment results in optimal flow, a reduction in loading and a maintained continuous stream of products or materials reaching their destination without manual labour. When used in the building industry, conveyors have the benefit of carrying heavy raw material to other areas of the construction site, making transportation of cement, bricks, and sand  safer and more efficient, while offering a maintenance friendly system.

Building Site Transporting System

Pallet conveyors work well as an incorporated transport system. On building and construction sites the most common use is to transport sand and aggregates, but conveyors are also made useful in areas with restricted access, such as shifting debris to a skip on street level from underground, or from areas where access for trucks or skips is difficult or impossible.

In the building industry pallet conveyors must be able to meet a wide range of requirements. They can be assembled in a number of different circuits, with the benefit of connecting to different areas, floors and buildings. It is a great advantage of the system, but when the products being manoeuvred throughout the site are unpackaged and unstable, as is often the case, then the conveyor system needs to be able to handle abrasive materials, while providing a continuous flow, which if designed to optimum requirements should be achieved with ease.

Asmech’s heavy-duty construction of pallet conveyors offer long lasting performance with minimal maintenance, and the bespoke designs can be made with the special requirements of the building industry in mind.


Pallet conveyors offer an alternative for the more traditional handling equipment, and in effect, the manual handling of materials lessens, which in theory boosts safety measures when the system is installed, maintained and operated correctly by training professionals.

Conveyors include mechanical elements that ensure materials are moved with safety and this diminishes the risk of accidents. They are compatible with standard site vehicles including forklifts.

Maintenance Friendly

With easy access to components for maintenance, pallet conveyors are a maintenance friendly option. The heavy-duty construction offers long lasting performance with minimal maintenance.

Asmech recently supplied a heavy duty pallet conveyor to Mansfield Brick Co. Ltd. Read the case study here.