Tote stackers and de-stacker experts

Asmech Systems Ltd. have been one the UK’s leading providers of tote stackers and de-stackers for over 25 years with our reputation to supply to a range of industries including supermarket warehousing and building material manufacturing.

Bespoke Design

Our bespoke design of tote stacker and de-stackers are compact, high-quality and able to feed in stacks of totes bins. The machines can separate and release single tote bins when requested with an infinite number of applications as the equipment is fully automatic. The tote bins can be stacked and unstacked into a single line with an operating time of one tote every 5 seconds.

Tote Stackers

Tote stackers and de-stackers can both be easily implemented to existing lines as a fully automatic and low-maintenance solutions. This system comes in all shapes and sizes, our experienced team can provide a solution that’s perfectly tailored to your requirements.

The tote stacker and de-stacker can stack many items including racks, pallets, tires, containers and more. Stackers feature magazines which hold stackers as they are built up alongside an in-feed conveyor and lifting actuators. There are also forks and clamps to help move your stack.

At Asmech Systems Ltd. we can provide facilities to stack varying heights of loads which is useful for those in various industries including the automotive sector and warehousing.

Why are they needed?

There are many reasons why you may require a tote stacker/de-stacker, some of which may be unique to your operations. The more common reasons are space saving and time saving. Loose totes can take up a lot of room so they are often stored in stacks, it also can be quite labour intensive to stack or de-stack hundreds or thousands of totes which is where a tote stacker/de-stacker comes in.

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