UV Tunnels: Five Benefits to UV-C Technology

UV Tunnels are a development of Asmech Systems in collaboration with UV Technology, the UK’s leading provider of UV-C Disinfection. The UV decontamination tunnels manufactured with bespoke design. Driven by the growing demand for high quality standards with a reduced dependence on chemical processes.

What is UV-C?

UV-C decontamination is Ultraviolet light in the C-spectrum which is very energy-rich. The light is very versatile and can be used from disinfecting water and terminating harmful micro-organisms in other liquids, on surfaces, food products or in the air. UV-C can destroy more than 99.9% of all pathogens instantly with no side effects or use of harmful chemicals. Therefore, UV-C systems are highly efficient and reliable in all environments.

Five Benefits

UV Tunnels are popular in many industries but food manufacturers are one of the top users for this system. There are many benefits of UV Tunnels for factories like bakeries and fruit processors, the top five are as follows:

  • Extended shelf life
  • Reduced spoilage and wastage
  • Improved product quality and reduced cross contamination
  • Products retain weight, freshness and colour for longer
  • Enhanced HACCP compliance

These are just some of the many benefits UV Technology can bring to your company. UV Tunnels are used in many industries including Food, Health Care, Facilities Management and HVAC/Refrigeration.

The UV Tunnel is used to not only decontaminate products but also transport them between other conveyors. The system is manufactured from Grade 304 stainless steel with upper, lower and side cassettes and an open pitch stainless steel belt. The bespoke design from Asmech is manufactured with hygiene in mind as all parts except the cassettes are suitable to wash down.

If you’re currently a business looking to improve your methods of decontamination, a UV Tunnel System could help.  Our team at Asmech can make sure you choose the right handling system for any situation. Please call on 01623 424 442 or fill out our Discuss a Project form to find out more.