Our response to Covid-19

The Coronavirus, Covid-19 has caused worldwide disruptions to people and businesses alike, however Asmech Systems Ltd. have continued to remain open to support our client base.  We pride ourselves on the measures we have taken to protect our staff and customers throughout the pandemic. Changes have had to be made in all industries, and we are no different, by implanting social distancing measures throughout. Take a tour through our video to see for yourselves.


With lockdown now starting to ease, we have been taking a look back to see the changes that have evolved within our business model.

For our customers

We have developed, manufactured and fitted bespoke infection protective screens, sometimes called sneeze screens to control the spread.  It is especially important now, with businesses starting to phase in working back in offices for both employees and for members of the public. The government advice is to stay 2 metres apart and has proven quite difficult in practice.

Prime examples of this are at supermarket checkouts, collection points, trade counters, pharmacies, bakeries and greengrocers, where people are constantly going in and out. In addition to this also clerical workers in tight office spaces.

The Coronavirus, Covid-19 is spread mainly through droplets in the air from sneezes and coughs. An infection control screen positioned in front of a cash register or counter and acts as a barrier to these airborne droplets and protects cashiers, pharmacists and receptionists, amongst others.

The shop counter screens help to separate uninfected people from those who may already have the disease.  Counter screens are designed with your requirements in mind, some with a cut-out at the base so that pharmacists and other retailers can pass through a prescription or purchased product, for example.


We have modified dip tubes for hand sanitising dispensers as well as manufacturing and fitting sanitising stations and packing tables for emergency food packing, enabling workers to keep at a safe distance from colleagues.

Face masks are now compulsory to wear in shops and public transport and we at Asmech Systems Ltd. have developed a range of them to protect you and your staff.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments have always been an important aspect of any business, however now even more so in light of Covid-19.


Signage too, is now of high importance, signs to inform of distancing measures, signs to advertise hand sanitising stations, signs to inform of extra hand washing routines to name a few.

All in all we have been kept busy supplying our customers, helping them to keep up with the increased demand in production.