Raft Ride Lift – Our innovative system

Asmech Systems Ltd are continually exploring new bespoke solutions to provide clients with the best construction, design, and management (CDM) services for all our customers. One of our biggest successes in recent years was our state-of-the-art ride raft lift system which we designed and supplied for Bognor Regis waterpark back in 2019.

Raft Ride Lift – Bespoke System

The bespoke lift system can be used to deliver used rafts from the outfeed of a waterslide, back to the top ready to be used by the next waterside user. Standing at an astounding height of up to 11.7m high, it allows rafts to be supplied to the infeed of the water slide, this results in allowing up to 5 rafts to be conveyed through the lift at any one time.

When riders depart the waterslide and leave the raft, the water is circulated in a way that directs the raft towards the infeed of the lift where an inclined modular belt conveyor transports them to the base of the lift. Once a raft is detected in the lift, it is elevated through the lift system using a series of rollers that are mounted on a chain system. Rollers are driven vertically on each end of the raft until reaching the top.

This raft ride lift system is designed to index each time a space becomes available downstream to prevent an excess of rafts from accumulating at the top of the lift. Additionally, the structure of the system is manufactured from 316 graded stainless steel which increases corrosion resistance, particularly against chlorides and the industrial solvents used in the waterparks industry.


To assist with maintenance, the raft ride lift system also features an access platform and cat ladder on each of the lift modules when working on the system.

For more information about our raft ride lift systems or any other projects we have delivered, please contact us on 01623 424 442 or message sales@asmechsystems.co.uk to discuss any thoughts or enquiries you may have.