UVT Light Sabers for keeping systems safe

As the Covid pandemic stretches on and on, we can’t see into the future but expect that it will be a long time before we are back to ‘normal’ if ever.  We’ve seen new rules come and go and then come back again.  But one thing is for sure that covid safe systems like wearing masks and UVT light sabers will be around for a long, long time.

The coronavirus that causes Covid-19, is very well known now to be spread by microscopic droplets, which can contaminate all surfaces and objects as well as the air in poorly ventilated spaces causing this deadly virus to spread from person to person.

The UVT light saber was designed for the decontamination of work surfaces and hard to reach places, ensuring a safe working environment, whether this be hospitals, healthcare sectors, food & beverage establishments or schools, libraries, leisure and retail, hospitality or even homes, the list goes on and on.

Using an industrial strength high output UV-C lamp, it is easy and practical to use. By simply slowly passing the device over the area with a scanning motion, the energy from the emitter will decontaminate and kill all surface micro-organisms that contribute to ill health and the spread of all infectious disease, not just the topical Covid-19 and variants, whilst the safety shield protects the user from exposure to any UV-C energy.

By comparing the UV light output of the lamp to published research regarding the Coronavirus, you can achieve a 99.9% reduction in Coronavirus in under 2 seconds (based on 30 cm distance, covering an A4 area).

Other benefits of the UVT light saber:

By using the portable, plug and play UVT light saber, you can rest assured that there will be no residue left behind nor any contaminants. Our saber uses the same energy as a 95w bulb, making it economical to use everywhere that is needed.

The effectiveness of using UV-C light to inactivate viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms is not new information but with the global prevalence of Covid-19, UV-C technology is now even more important than ever.

For more information on the specification of our UVT light saber can be found here.