Bottle Handling Conveyors – Guide to usage

Bottle handling conveyors, are simply what the name suggests, conveyor systems to handle plastic and glass bottles.  These have multiple uses including cap sterilisation; leak testing; mass flow conveyance and pressure less single filling.  Bottle handling conveyers offers liquid beverage handling products such as, milk, beer, wine, water, nutritional drinks and juice.

Multitasking operations ensure productivity keeps on track, keeping your production line moving with minimal fuss.

High-Speed Loading

Bottle handling conveyors come with a high-speed conveyor to make the process of loading as efficient as possible.

Turning & Lifting

Once the bottles are filled and capped they are ready to be moved to a different area in the factory or production line by turning and lifting them, these can be done one by one or in bulk depending on your specific needs.

Loading & Sorting

The loading and sorting of glass and plastic bottles.  Multiple container types, can be sorted into sections ready for filling and loading.

Cleaning & Sterilisation

It is now more important than ever when you are working in the food and drink industry to have clean and sterilised bottles and packaging to comply with health and safety regulations. With a bottle conveyor, this process becomes much simpler with automatic processes, taking away the provision of human error.

Filling & Capping

Once the bottles are sterilised, the  filling mechanism comes to work, and this is normally where bottles go into a single file to make the filling process easier and quicker.  This is followed by the capping process with variations of different capping motions to suit.

Reject systems & diverting systems

Our systems also allow the rejection and diversion of bottles.

Asmech Systems Ltd.  have years of expertise in bottle handling conveyor systems and our engineering teams are adept at designs to your specification for handling round bottle shapes, as well as challenging bottle shapes including tapered bottles, non-round bottles and thin walled bottle containers.