The History of Asmech Systems Ltd

Our History

Established in 1995, the history of Asmech began by providing bespoke conveying and handling solutions for the dairy and blow moulding sector; over 25 years on and we are still supplying systems to the same markets and customers. This has promoted us to become one of the UK’s leading supplier in industry.

Asmech is a fully integrated company that take pride in offering full turnkey systems from commissioning to design, manufacturing to installation. This allows us to bring our customers a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience along with the personal touch of quick and effective problem-solving for all their automation and material-handling requirements.

We also incorporate full project management to co-ordinate our mechanical and electrical installation teams in-line with the customer’s overall project program. We offer a high level of expert conveyor maintenance advice, which is complimented by the supply of spare parts or site service available.

Our evolving product portfolio

Our products have evolved over the years to accommodate the advancement of ever-changing technologies within the industry, with many successful research and development projects to support our customers delivering new innovations to market. No matter how small or large the project, we like to work closely with your team to provide the full service required. This means we complete projects to an exceptional standard within budget and on schedule. Our high quality products increase efficiency for all our customers which in turn, reduce their carbon footprint. We work in partnership with the best suppliers who have an equal amount of exceptional experience to help provide the most cost-effective solutions for all customers.

During our 25 years in business, our product portfolio has developed from standard slat conveyors to side gripping elevators, roller conveyor to palletisers, belt conveyors to tray packers and much more. Asmech’s customer base has also grown at an exponential rate in various industries. We have consistently expanded our product portfolio with the help from experienced supplier partnerships.

Whilst we are a market leader in the dairy and blow moulding industry, Asmech has expanded into additional sectors such as Food and Confectionery, UV and Chemical, Aerosol, and industrial to name a few. We are always looking for new customers as we strive to create long-term customer and supplier relationships.

Our years of experience have put us on the path to becoming the UK’s market leader in quality and innovation. We have also endeavoured to become the world’s benchmark for bespoke handling solutions driven by research and development. We have utilised our experience developed over the years to help innovate our solutions and provide the best bespoke solutions.

Important milestones

We have had many milestones in our years but 2019 has been a big turning point for us as a business. This year Asmech Systems Ltd delivered a new, bespoke product to market which was designed, manufactured and built in-house. As part of a much larger project which Asmech Systems Ltd had successfully won, we were tasked with supplying a Cap Tightener machine, capable of handling over 60 different sized products. This particular project was delivered in the Chemical Sector for a first-time customer new to Asmech.

We also achieved another big turning point this year by being the first company in the industry to not only convey empty product, but also elevate and lowerate empty product by means of Spiral Conveyor. This was a joint venture with our associate Spiral Conveyor supplier, Ambaflex. Together, we delivered a project that will mark our name in history once again.

Through all these years of innovation and manufacturing our experience has benefited us in many ways. As our experience grows, it not only benefits our work but also our partnerships with customers and suppliers. Experience is such an important aspect to any company, so If you’re looking at purchasing a conveyor system for your company to reap the benefits of our experience or you want to know more about Asmech and our team, please contact us today on 01623 424 442.