Slat and loop Conveyors

Slat and loop conveyors are an immediate choice conveyor suitable for a range of industries.  Asmech Systems Ltd. offer simple designs in robust slat and loop conveyors.

A wide variety of industries use slat conveyors, with many companies using them because of their flexibility around loops and bends. They are commonly used for continuous manufacturing processes. Bottling plants commonly opt for slat conveyors, while they are also used heavily by the automotive industry so parts can be moved around for painting purposes. Many companies and organisations operating in the coating and painting industry use the conveyors so paint can be applied with ease.

Our team have years of experience in providing conveying solutions with slat and loop, offering cost effective solutions for our clients.

Slat and loop Conveyors

Slat and loop conveyors allow you to move the products in higher quantities, they transport products quicker, as well as accumulating products as well.  This proves to be an excellent application for packaging.  Once the product is bundled together, they can then be easily removed to the next stage of production or a pallet handling conveyor.

They are versatile, low maintenance, and easy to use.  For buffer storage in filling lines, they are often utilised as accumulation tables between pieces of filling process plant.  By their very nature slat and loop conveyors also lend themselves to being easily reconfigured for alterations in plant and factory environmental layouts.

The modular nature of the slat and loop conveyor allows large and complex conveyor layouts to be manufactured and installed in a very short space of time, and our expert installation team are available to install and get you up and running in no time.

What can a Bottling Conveyor Do?

Slat and loop conveyors are used extensively in the beverage industry, here is a selection of the tasks a bottling conveyor can complete:

  • Stack bottles
  • Turning & lifting
  • Loading & sorting for glass or plastic bottles
  • High speed products
  • Reject systems
  • Diverting your products
  • Depalletiser
  • Bottle processes including cleaning, serialization, filling, coding labelling and capping.


Our slat and loop conveyor systems are generally manufactured in stainless steel, but this can be tailored to your individual requirements.  Option might include acetyl belts or powder coated steel.

Whatever your requirements, get in touch with a member of our team today.