UV technology systems are global

At Asmech Systems Ltd we work closely with our associate company, UV Technology – The UK’s leading provider of UVC disinfection.  As part of our partnership, we proudly design and manufacture UVC tunnels, conveyors, and associated equipment.

We began working with UV Technology over 5 years ago. During this time there has been a dramatic rise in UV-related products which has coincided with the expanded geological location of the end-user. Additionally, our systems are continuing to be dispatched globally, making us a worldwide supplier of UV systems.

Due to the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, there has been a dramatic increase in the demand for UV decontamination solutions across a range of industrial sectors. This has enabled us to adapt to the market and come up with new innovative products and technology for a variety of applications from warehousing to hotels, airports, FMCG factories, and many more sectors.

UV Technology Light Sabre

One of our recent projects using UV technology is the UVT light Sabre, this is a portable handheld device that has been designed to decontaminate surfaces. Customers are required to slowly pass the device over a contaminated area allowing energy from the UVC emitter to decontaminate the surface.

This is ideal for use in the healthcare sector, commercial, industrial, or institutional buildings with its portable fast-acting usage. Furthermore, this is effective in destroying viruses, bacteria and preventing cross-contamination.

Findings from recent Coronavirus published research have found that using the UV light output on a surface area can result in a 99.9 % reduction in Coronavirus within 2 seconds (based on a 30 cm distance, covering an A4 area). Using a slow-scanning motion to disinfect equipment and surfaces ensuring all contaminated surfaces are sanitised.

For more information or an enquiry about our UV systems, please call us on 01623 424 442 or contact our email: sales@asmechsystems.co.uk with any questions or queries you may have.