Elevators and Lowerators, why companies should use them.

Our first blog for September focuses on Elevators and Lowerators. At Asmech Systems Ltd we have a vast variety of products that major companies throughout various industries can use to be efficient, successful and punctual. Over the coming months we are going to provide blogs that go in depth about certain products that we supply and why they are beneficial.

Asmech Elevators and Lowerators

How do they work?

Firstly, we need to take an in depth look at how they work. Elevators (raise) and Lowerators (lower) are used by companies to move products. This movement occurs when there is a need to change conveyor feed heights within the factory to lift products to a secondary level. Another reason is that there may be obstacles or walkways on the ground floor of the factory. Elevators and Lowerators can be used to overcome these issues, as well as being operated for other processes, such as air rinsing.  The machines are designed to convey the products whilst ensuring that the quality of the product is not damaged.

Why should companies use them?

Products on production lines need to be lifted and lowered, and in some cases, products need to be raised to certain heights for processing equipment to work efficiently and effectively. By integrating Elevators and Lowerators you can utilize factory space a lot better by splitting production lines over various levels. The versatility of our system allows various products to be transported to numerous levels and destinations.

Who Asmech Systems have supplied to

Our featured image for this blog post showcases an Elevator system that Asmech provided to Logoplaste. An industrial group who manufacture rigid and reliable plastic packaging for various companies around the world. Especially within the food and beverage industry. In this instance, we were able to provide Logoplaste with a new system. This allowed them to blow milk bottles correctly, quickly and consistently. Enabling them to then send off the bottles to the specific Dairy company.

Why choose Asmech?

Asmech Elevator and Lowerator systems come with our own automatic pneumatic chain tensioner. This tensioner protects the machine against possible chain snags and breakages. This can be caused through the natural expansion of the chains. Our systems are designed to be simple but also extremely reliable. Manufactured with a Stainless-Steel Grade 304 frame; Our Elevators and Lowerators are also sheeted with a stainless-steel base and clear panels PETG and doors. At Asmech, we don’t just provide the system and leave you to it; We are at your assistance always, offering brilliant maintenance services including the availability of many spare parts when current ones need replacing. We also design our systems with your specific needs in mind. At Asmech, we can supply custom configurations that suit you. This includes speed of production line, product size and distance between levels.


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