Wire Conveyor Belts – Made to measure

Wire conveyor belts

Wire conveyor belts are made up of a woven metal creation that makes a mesh belt.  These diameters vary widely dependent upon your manufacturing needs.  Wire conveyors are used for light transfers and are the most efficient and the proven solution for many processes.  Unfortunately, they are not suited to conveying anything heavy or abrasive as this could catch on the mesh. Wire conveyors are your perfect solution for hygiene, they are extremely easy to clean.

Bespoke service

The wire mesh comes in a range of patterns with varying openings.  They are durable in a vast range of situations including high temperatures and chemical usage.

Our bespoke service offers a vast range of diameters that will suit your application.  We can help you increase productivity; help maintain costs and improve overall product quality.


Widely used in the food industry, wire conveyor belts are ideal for several applications including.:

  • Cooking / frying / baking
  • Battering, breading and crumbing
  • Dough rolling
  • Glazing
  • Heating
  • Drying and cooling
  • freezing


Other industries

Of course, they are used in many other industries as they are so versatile and can handle extremely high temperatures.  In the metallurgical industry the wire conveyors help in operations such as heat treatment, soldering, quenching and copper / silver brazing.

Wire conveyors are also widely used in mechanical and chemical applications, in the ceramics and glass industries as well as pharmaceutical.

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